Give your backers and Investors the confidence that your product can deliver

Before you launch on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Fundable, or anywhere else you’ll want to be Dragon Certified.

If you’re thinking about launching a crowdfunding campaign for a hardware product you’re probably either:

A. Nervous because you have no idea how to manufacture

~ or ~

B. Terrified because you already know how hard it will be

We’re glad you found us.


Dragon Innovation has hundreds of years of combined experience bringing innovative products to life. Based on this experience, we’ve created a process to help get you ready to launch called Dragon Certified.

Design for
Manufacture Review

Can the product be
made at scale?

Cogs and Break
Even Analysis

What will it cost and how much do I need to raise?

Pro Forma
Manufacturing Schedule

How long will it take to deliver to my backers?

Get prequalified