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Scott has been fascinated with hardware since he was old enough to hold a screwdriver. He worked on a robotic tuna fish, life-size robotic dinosaurs for Disney Imagineering, and robotic baby dolls with Hasbro, before joining iRobot where he was responsible for leading the Roomba team to scale the functional prototype to high-volume production of the first three million units.

Scott received his Bachelor’s from Dartmouth and Master’s from MIT.

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Herman Pang


Herman earned his insight into factory operations and high-volume manufacturing as an operator. Leading an automobile supply factory, Herman worked to obtain the first QS-9000 verification in China and Hong Kong.

After serving as the Far East Project Leader for Hasbro’s first-generation FurReal Friends, Herman joined iRobot. As Managing Director in the Far East, Herman oversaw Supply Chain, Costing & Sourcing, New Product Introduction, and Quality, and was instrumental in the launch of Roomba, Scooba, Looj and ConnectR.

Herman holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Technical University of Nova Scotia (Daltech, Dalhousie University).

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Roomba iRobot

Scott and Herman meet while establishing the Far East Manufacturing team for the first-generation Roomba.



Dragon Innovation launches

Dragon Innovation launches

Using what they learned building the first three million Roombas, Scott and Herman strike out on their own. Early wins with Makerbot, Sphero and Pebble help to build out a successful manufacturing consulting services business focused on consumer electronic teams going from prototype to production.

Dragon Innovation launches


Hardware Revolution

Thanks to prototyping tools like 3D printing and development boards, and access to capital through crowdfunding, a wave of entrepreneurs launch innovative hardware companies.

Dragon Innovation starts building software

Dragon Innovation starts building software

Seeing an opportunity to enable and empower the next generation of great hardware companies, we start building tools like Product Planner based on our proven process and know-how for moving at entrepreneur speed.

Dragon Innovation starts building software



Avnet Acquisition

In 2017, we joined Avnet. With the increased reach and scale we continue to make hardware feel easy through a combination of services and software tools.


Dragon Innovation helps hardware companies of all sizes move from prototype to high-volume production at entrepreneur speed. Whether you’re a startup manufacturing for the first time, or an established company working on new product lines, we're here to help.

Dragon Innovation starts building software


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