Here are some 'Frequently Asked Questions' to help you get to know Dragon Innovation, who we work with and what we do.

I’m an entrepreneur, founder, or established company looking to crack the IoT space. Is my product a good fit for Dragon Innovation?

We love hardware and we have deep expertise with complex electro-mechanical consumer hardware. We work with what we love and what we're good at.

If you are a startup or established company working to scale your company and product for the first time, or looking to fine tune your process for future versions, you've come to the right place.

We can be that extension of your team as a strategic partner to introduce that expert manufacturing voice early in the process to help guarantee success and delivery of product. Check out some other companies we've helped


What is the Dragon Standard BOM?

We created a free Bill Of Materials tool as a Google Sheets Add-On to help teams get started with a pro-grade BOM.  You can learn more here.


How far along should my product be before working with Dragon?

We support companies who are working through their ideas/prototypes with expert industry knowledge through our blog However, we do not design your product, we have available recommended resources for that.

We provide the most value when you are at least 85% of the way to your final design. You should have a works-like/looks-like prototype, all your CAD files, and a relatively complete Bill of Materials (BOM).

If you're not sure what goes into a BOM/CAD package, here's a free checklist


What volumes do I need to be at to work with Dragon?

This really depends on how complex your product is and what your COGS are.

We are most effective with our partnerships in high volume manufacturing (10,000+ units in the first year), mostly based in the Far East.

However, we continue to build out our global factory database of OEM, ODM, or Hybrid JDM partner, both domestically in the US and Globally in Europe and the Far East (both China and non-China options). This helps us connect you with the right partners on most any level of manufacturing your product.


I live outside the US. Can I still work with Dragon?

Yes, you can!  We have Dragon team members located globally. In the US, Europe and the Far East. Teams from anywhere in the world can work with us for manufacturing solutions.


Can you help me connect with investors?

The best way to get the attention of potential investors is to build an amazing product with a credible manufacturing plan. While we can’t facilitate intros, we can help you make your product stronger.


Are you part of Avnet?

Yes. In 2017, we joined Avnet. As part of Avnet we're excited we can now support and provide much more expansive options as the larger Avnet family is a world leader and an end to end solution provider.

"I'm glad we worked with Dragon. It's really helped with understanding all the costs associated with this product domestically and overseas.”

Mark Klibanov
Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Gesture Logic

"As a team of first time founders, the only thing we knew going in was that 'hardware is hard', so we relied on the Dragon team to help us with our quality plan, prepare for our first site visit, and oversee critical initial production runs. Their quality plan helped our team institutionalize quality as a fundamental metric of manufacturing and understand how to measure and manage to our specifications”

Sam Shames
Co-Founder, Embr Labs

“Dragon made our factory selection process much less overwhelming and gave us confidence that we found the right manufacturing partner. It’s hard to imagine finding the right factory without Dragon guiding us through the process.”

Joe Pinkerton
CEO, Clean Energy Labs

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