by PulsedLight


Our 6 Factor Review

  • Mechanical Tear Down We disassembled, inspected, and analyzed the structure and assembly for function, cost, quality, and reliability.
  • DFM Analysis We performed a Design For Manufacture and Assembly analysis in which we inspected and analyzed the product design to ensure that the product can be manufactured reliably and at low cost.
  • BOM Review We examined the Bill Of Materials, an itemized list of all the product components, for completeness and cost efficiency.
  • Packaging Considerations We determined suitability and cost of chosen packaging design and made recommendations to optimize it.
  • Estimated Domestic and Far East Manufacturing Costs We developed cost estimates for domestic and Far East factory options.
  • Pro-forma Manufacturing Schedule We produced a preliminary manufacturing schedule based on our review to help provide a realistic estimated ship date.

More about LIDAR-Lite

PulsedLight's technology targets the need for high performance, very compact optical distance measurement sensors for cost sensitive markets such as unmanned vehicles, robots, drones or any application that would benefit from increased performance, decreased size, and lower power consumption. Implemented as a single chip processing solution, our approach enables a new class of optical distance measurement sensors that exceed the performance of current solutions. PulsedLight's innovative signal processing technology can also be applied to applications ranging from single beam distance measurement to multi-pixel applications such as scanning or complex 3-D imaging.