Final Prototype
During the final stages of product design, we have the Dragon team come in to assess manufacturability and assembly. Dragon Innovation helps navigate the decisions and drama of producing hardware.
Bre Pettis Bre Pettis Makerbot Founder
Final Prototype
Dragon helped us take our crowdfunding success and translate it into shipping more than 100,000 Pebbles in just over a year. They provided critical support on-the-ground in China and sourced excellent suppliers.
Eric Migicovsky Eric Migicovsky Pebble Founder
Final Prototype
The Dragon team takes the guesswork out of manufacturing and turns what can be a frustrating, company-draining process into something achievable and clear-cut.
Dan Roberts Dan Roberts Scout Alarm Co-Founder

Factory Pre-Check DFM Review

A detailed Design for Manufacturing (DfM) assessment of the 3D mechanical model with emphasis on manufacturing process, materials, and assembly. Great for companies looking for another set of eyes on their prototype design before engaging with a factory.

Dragon Certified

Dragon Certified includes a DFM Review and Cost Estimate plus tailored advice to help you prepare. Being Dragon Certified increases backer and investor confidence that you have a credible path forward.

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Move faster

Shorten your time to market by spotting and correcting issues before handing over your product to your CM

Put your best foot forward

Prospective Contract Manufacturers will be more eager to engage when they see a design that is ready to go

Eliminate risk

Be confident in your path to production with an objective, experienced set of eyes on your design

Save money

Avoid incremental NRE if your factory needs to make design changes as production starts

Cost Estimates

A detailed BOM analysis to sharpen your understanding of the total cost to manufacture. Perfect for companies nearing factory selection.

Set a complete budget

Understand your full manufacturing costs to validate your pricing and financing strategy

Full SKU costs

We’ll consider mechanical and electronic parts plus packaging, as well as fixed costs and COGS drivers for a true view of your ex-factory costs

Understand options and trade offs

Get comfortable with the levers you have to pull and know the costs of various manufacturing options

Set your baseline

Enter manufacturing from a position of confidence based on our deep industry experience

Component Sourcing

Research before you lock down your manufacturing plans to provide insight and confidence on the cost and availability of critical and high-value components.

Start a Conversation

Quality Strategy

Quality is never an accident. Having a strategy early for driving quality is essential to delivering the product your customers expect.

Aesthetic Requirements

Ensure that your design intent is reflected at scale.

Functional Requirements

Clearly catalog all of the critical product behaviors and how they’ll be validated

Durability and Life Testing

Understand how to simulate the real world conditions that your product will need to stand up to

Engineering Sessions

Quick answers from manufacturing experts

  • Get help from experienced engineers to address the questions that keep you up at night and accelerate your progress with practical, actionable feedback
  • Great for validating your assumptions, unblocking a decision you’re stuck on, or getting high level feedback from a manufacturing point of view
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