Move faster, safely

Move at Entrepreneur Speed™ by following our efficient process executed by an experienced team

Avoid costly mistakes

We know the right way to get things done, and which corners can be safely cut

Sam Shames
Dragon’s quality plan helped our team institutionalize quality as a fundamental metric of manufacturing and understand how to measure and manage to our specifications.
Sam Shames CEO Embr Labs

Access to an Agile Global Supply Chain

Our trusted network of suppliers ensures you’re matched with the right-sized partners and vendors to meet your production goals for cost, quality and schedule.

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Production Oversight

We work with factories all over the world, and love to help teams decide what manufacturing location is right for them.

For teams manufacturing in China, we can provide eyes and ears on the ground. Let our seasoned project managers and expert engineers act like an extension of your team on the factory floor.

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Quality Management Systems

Our experienced team will help specify, develop, and implement a tailored Quality Management System including:

  • Quality manual essentials to communicate expectations to your factory
  • Forms and templates for tracking results
  • Training strategy to implement the process

Protect your brand reputation

Ensure your customers are getting the product they expect

Proven process based on experience

We’ve worked with hundreds of teams on thousands of products

Clear expectations, no surprises

Avoid communication gaps and misunderstandings with your factory


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