Ongoing Production Oversight

If you’re manufacturing without your own dedicated team, it can be daunting. Leverage our team of trained engineers and project managers to be your feet on the ground for production oversight, improvement programs, and on demand fire fighting when you need it.

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Drive Quality Up

When it’s time to optimize, we can help identify opportunity for quality improvements.

  • Root cause analysis to identify key returns and scrap drivers
  • Closed loop process definition and implementation tailored to your project
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Shipment Inspections

Systematically ensure product leaving the factory is at the expected level of quality and you’re providing the best experience for your customers.

Track and measure for results

We can help you establish your metrics and tracking reports to manage for success

Out-of-box audits

Head off costly returns by catching any quality issues before your product leaves the factory

Industry standard practices

Tried and true inspections processes based on Military Spec sampling procedures


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