With Dragon Innovation’s help we have been able to go very fast while maintaining the assurance that our decisions are vetted by deep, hard to find experience in the manufacturing sector.
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Engineering Sessions

One on one time with an experienced manufacturing engineer to help you think through issues that are blocking you.

You Get:

  • One hour live session for Q&A
  • Wrap up report with including a summary, action items, recommendations and more!
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First Pass DFM Review

An experienced manufacturing engineer will perform a pro-forma Design For Manufacturing review of your 3D mechanical model to help you spot potential manufacturing issues and provide general guidance before you finalize your design.

Practical Insights to Save Time

Feedback on likely assembly process to spot areas of concern

Get Pointed in the Right Direction

Identification of key challenges and guidance on best practices for addressing them

Make Sure it can be Built

Design for Manufacturing feedback on a per-component basis

Go Forward with Confidence

A detailed report and follow up conference call ensure you know the path forward

Cost Review

A high-level BOM analysis to understand important manufacturing costs and cost drivers. Perfect for earlier stage companies or products establishing a budget.

Establish your Targets

Set budgetary Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) pricing accounting for tooling, materials, factory overhead, and high cost components.

Move Faster

Save time thanks to insights and suggested next steps to help meet your goals and reduce costs

Incomplete Design? No Problem

Even with incomplete data we can give you a range of costs of based on our experience

COGS Insights Report

You’ll get a report on estimated costs including BOM, complete COGS, and a non-recurring cost breakdown.

Not sure where to start?

Dragon Product Assessment

Dragon Product Assessment will help you understand in which phase of the manufacturing production you are. Answer a few quick questions to assess your product’s readiness for manufacturing.

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