Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Review Package

A detailed Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) review of the 3D model with the emphasis on manufacturing process, materials, and assembly. The goal is to identify any areas in the design that would hinder high volume manufacturability.

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Great for

  • Companies with a final prototype that are planning for scaled production
  • Companies that want to validate the manufacturability of their product with a manufacturing expert prior to factory selection

More details

  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly analysis
  • Review of manufacturability (per-component basis), assembly process, key technical design areas, and key challenges to quality


  • The goal is to identify any areas in the design that would hinder high volume manufacturability and/or assemblability 
  • This engagement is useful for companies seeking an independent set of eyes prior to Contract Manufacturer (CM) selection
  • You will gain insights into the manufacturability of your product, reducing the time spent in fine-tuning your design once you’ve selected your CM

Engagement Framework

  • Flat fee for service with pricing based on product complexity/number of components
  • A bound engagement, or can be combined with other services as part of a custom engagement
  • With prerequisites provided by the customer, the estimated length of engagement is 2-4 weeks


  • BOM (80-90% complete, .xlsx or .xls format)
  • Design files: CAD package (80-90% complete, ideally .stp format)
  • An integrated works-like/looks-like prototype
  • Volume projections

During the final stages of product design, we have the Dragon team come in to assess manufacturability and assembly. Dragon Innovation can act as a trail guide to help navigate the decisions and drama of producing hardware.

As soon as we finished our first session, we had a list of detailed molding issues that saved us weeks of design time.

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