Independent Factory Audit

A visit and unbiased assessment of your proposed or selected contract manufacturer (CM), for the purposes of inspecting and auditing their physical facility and manufacturing processes.

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Great for

  • Companies seeking unbiased assessment of and feedback about a current or potential CM partner facility
  • Companies that cannot travel to a factory, but require in person validation
  • Companies that are experiencing quality issues at their CM, as a first step towards root cause and corrective action

More details

  • Dragon will perform an in person visit to your current or potential factory to inspect the manufacturing processes including all facilities, assembly and subassembly processes, final inspection, shipment, quality and test department capabilities
  • You will receive: A full report with recommendations provided upon completion of inspection, and recommendations for next steps


  • In person validation when your team cannot travel to the factory
  • Confirmation the supplier facility is capable of manufacturing your products
  • Help determining that the potential partner can scale with you
  • Peace of mind that the CM engages in ethical business practices
  • Potential mitigation of quality challenges

Engagement Framework

  • A bound engagement with flat fee for service 
  • Pricing is based on the number of facilities to be audited
  • With prerequisites provided by the customer, the estimated length of engagement is 1-3 weeks


  • Factory(ies) information (address and contact information)
  • Requirements and capabilities necessary to manufacture your specific product. Examples are: expected production volumes, certifications required, quality and test plans

Dragon made our factory selection process much less overwhelming and gave us confidence that we found the right manufacturing partner. Given the language, logistical and cultural hurdles of working in China, it’s hard to imagine finding the right factory without Dragon leading the way.

We were initially looking at over 16 factories to work with in China, and Dragon helped us select the best factory and then build a strong relationship with them over the following year.

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