Manufacturing Workshop

In-depth or broader-based customized sessions for executive teams, corporations, R&D groups, university groups, or others

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Great for

  • Executive teams
  • Corporations
  • University students
  • R&D groups

More details

  • Dragon Innovation offers Manufacturing Workshops for groups or teams seeking in-depth sessions with Dragon’s manufacturing experts. Workshops can be tailored to specific topics or offer a broader scope around manufacturing planning and strategy. The workshops are ideal for both smaller and larger groups. The sessions are flexible and based on active feedback and questions by the group, and can go further in depth.
  • Topics covered may include but are not limited to Design for Manufacturing (DFM), factory selection, Quality Control and Assurance (QA/QC), strategies on balancing the manufacturing triangle (Cost/Quality/Schedule), understanding and preparing for the ”unknown unknowns”, building an internal team, weighing the tradeoffs of where to manufacture, best practices to communicate with vendors and the factory, and other critical topics.


  • Getting a team aligned and up the curve quickly as it pertains to overall strategy
  • Manufacturing expertise that is otherwise not traditionally taught
  • Deep dive into the supply chain and manufacturing business best practices
  • Hands-on, practical, and direct knowledge and experience

Engagement Framework

  • A customized, fixed fee engagement
  • An open table format allowing for both deep dive and broader discussions

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