Production Oversight (Asia-only)

Dedicated, unbiased support to oversee, monitor and implement production oversight activities at your China-based contract manufacturer (CM).

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dragon-timeline-prod-oversightGreat for

  • Companies that are entering New Product Introduction (NPI) for scaled production
  • Companies in active production seeking additional support
  • Companies unable to travel overseas, that require onsite production management

More details

  • Dedicated Project Management support of all NPI phases and activities including:
    • Handover of IP to your CM
    • Production ramp throughout EVT, DVT, PVT, into stable mass production
    • Sourcing support, including implementation of secondary or alternative sourcing for supply chain resilience and cost reduction
    • Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) support and troubleshooting
    • Schedule (lead times) and production order (PO) status oversight
    • Assessment and troubleshooting of technical, sourcing and/or supply chain issues, as well as emergency situations should they arise
    • Shipment inspections & audits
    • Communication support between the CM and third party certifications vendor, Logistics Partner, and sub-vendors (specialty component providers, etc)
    • Implementation of engineering and cost reduction changes
    • Vendor quality management


  • A team-based support approach that includes a dedicated onsite Senior Project Manager, a US-based Project Manager, along with a sourcing team, quality experts, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers which when combined, provide the complete set of skills and expertise required throughout the entire manufacturing life cycle
  • Boots-on-the-ground support to ensure quality manufacturing results and supply chain resilience
  • In-person validation when your team cannot travel to your CM
  • Onsite presence to drive CM prioritization of your production needs
  • Gap analysis with identification of inefficiencies and risks
  • Mitigation of quality challenges 
  • Technical translation and communication 
  • Peace of mind that the CM engages in ethical business practices

Engagement Framework

  • Monthly retainer with pricing based on level of support (Full Time, Part Time, Low Level)
  • Typical length of engagement varies by customer, with a range of 3 months to multi-year support


  • CM must be within geographical region Dragon covers (PRC, Pearl River Delta, Dongguan, Shenzhen)
  • CM will allow third party access
  • If your CM is not in Dragon’s database, Dragon will engage in a one-day CM visit (per diem) prior to entering into any type of production oversight engagement


Their far-east project managers brought years of experience to the job and helped ensure that our time at the factory was well spent addressing the critical issues holding production back. We would recommend Dragon to any team that wants an expert partner to navigate the manufacturing process.

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