Quality Plan Review & Development

Using the Dragon Standard Quality Plan and protocols, in conjunction with any existing quality plans or tests/test plans you may have, we will work with you to understand your specific product needs and translate these into a highly-customized, product-specific quality and test plan.

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Great for

  • Companies that are entering New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Companies that are in active production who are experiencing quality challenges

More details

  • An in-depth review of the test areas specific to your product, which may include: durability test, transportation test, life testing specification, accelerated life test and stress test, verification and validation test, Incoming Quality Control (IQC), Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL), functional and aesthetic tests, ongoing production testing, packaging, shipment audit specification, dimensional verifications
  • You will receive: customized documentation for your quality and test plans for use at your CM facility(ies), QC test specifications in the form of a detailed description of the test parameters that can be used by the CM to develop the test work instructions and equipment required


  • Unbiased analysis of your product-specific requirements and building of a best-practices model to achieve the yields you expect
  • Peace of mind that your products will have an appropriate level of rigor to achieve your quality, reliability, and yield requirements
  • Potential mitigation of downstream quality challenges and reduction of returns and reworks
  • Life testing designed based on your warranty targets and statistical models

Engagement Framework

  • Flat fee for service taking into consideration product and supply chain complexity
  • A bound engagement, or can be combined with other services as part of a custom engagement
  • With prerequisites provided by the customer, the estimated length of engagement is 3-6 weeks


  • BOM (80-90% complete, .xlsx or .xls format)
  • Design files: CAD package (80-90% complete, ideally .stp format)
  • An integrated works-like/looks-like prototype
  • Volume projections
  • Any existing Quality Control (QC) and/or Test Plans

As a team of first time founders, the only we knew going in was that 'hardware is hard', so we relied on the Dragon team to help us with our quality plan, prepare for our first site visit, and oversee critical initial production runs. Their quality plan helped our team institutionalize quality as a fundamental metric of manufacturing and understand how to measure and manage to our specifications. We would recommend Dragon to any team that wants an expert partner to navigate the manufacturing process.

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