Request for Quote / Factory Selection

Using Dragon Innovation’s proven and robust framework for Contract Manufacturer (CM) selection from our global network of trusted resources, we will take you through a competitive Request for Quote (RFQ) process in order to help you select a qualified and vetted CM partner.

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Great for

  • Companies that are entering New Product Introduction (NPI) for scaled production
  • Companies seeking specialized manufacturing partners with deep, relevant product category experience 
  • Companies in active production seeking to change CMs 
  • Companies requiring set up of secondary or alternative production lines

More details

  • Based upon your company and product requirements, Dragon will provide a pool of qualified CMs and prepare your product RFQ package (including initial outline of Quality Control and Testing Plans) in a format optimized for quoting, facilitate the NDA execution between you and participating CMs, and release your RFQ package to the participating CMs 
  • We will manage the CM communications on your behalf during the quoting process, and provide an in-depth analysis -- including a comparison matrix -- of the quotes returned by CMs, to support your negotiations with the CM
  • Dragon will coordinate virtual or in-person meetings with top CM contenders, award the project to your selected CM, and provide a framework to seamlessly transition to production ramp via onsite Production Oversight support (location-dependent)


  • Confirmation the supplier facility is capable of manufacturing your products
  • Help determining that the potential partner can scale with you
  • In-person validation when your team cannot travel to the factory
  • Peace of mind that the CM engages in ethical business practices
  • “Apples-to-Apples” (A2A) quote comparison spreadsheet and analysis of initial quotation round from CMs
  • CM comparison matrix template for virtual CM meetings
  • Potential cost reduction opportunities
  • Suppliers and vendors verified by the Dragon team

Engagement Framework

  • Flat fee for service with pricing based on complexity of the device / number of components / geography of quoting CMs
  • Engagement may be customized or separated into multiple phases according to the customer’s needs and/or requirements
  • With prerequisites provided by the customer, the estimated length of engagement is 6-12 weeks


  • BOM/CAD package
  • Forecasted year 1 & 2 volumes, production schedule


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