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Product Planner

Product Planner is more than a BOM management tool. It gives you the insights you need from your BOM to gain confidence that you are on the path to manufacturing success. It’s also a gateway to fast-tracking your progress via Dragon’s expertise.

Grounded In Manufacturing Thinking

More powerful than spreadsheets, easier than PLM or ERP

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Proven Process

Position yourself for success by using our tested framework

Planner Icon Reports


Understand what’s driving your COGS, lead times, and more

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Costs Visibility

Get insights into your manufacturing costs and cashflow

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Add team members to your project for a single source of truth




$20/month billed annually

All the features of Standard
for teams that are:

  • Fa Check Up to 3 collaborators
  • Fa Check Unfunded



$85/month billed annually

  • Fa Check 1 project
  • Fa Check Up to 15 collaborators
  • Fa Check Unlimited Parts
  • Fa Check Unlimited SKUs

Fa Users Have a large team? We have a great solution for you. Get in touch.

Contact help@dragoninnovation.com

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