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What is Product Planner?

Product Planner helps you organize and collaborate on your product data plus get meaningful manufacturing insights. More powerful than spreadsheets, and less painful than enterprise systems, we help you get the most from your Bill Of Materials.

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Understand the manufacturing consequences of your design decisions early so you can get to market faster and with greater confidence.

Single Source of Truth

Keep everyone on the same page with a cloud-based BOM

Easy to Start, Easy to Use

No software to install or manuals to use. Product Planner is software for modern hardware teams

See around corners

Make better decisions thanks to reports, insights, and access to manufacturing experts

Features to help you at every phase

Keep control of your product data from prototype
through high volume production

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Know what questions to ask as you get started

Proof of Concept

Set up a solid foundation for your mechanical and electrical design data

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Final Prototype

Make sure your BOM is ready to share in a proven, complete format that partners will understand easily

Factory Selection

Spot issues in your BOM and get insights to mitigate costly mistakes

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