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Innovative Solution for a Common Problem

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Reading from an electronic display is difficult for people while performing cardiovascular activities or while riding in a moving vehicle. Run-n-Read, a cool clip-on device, makes reading possible in such dynamic scenarios.

Run-n-Read can be used with most cardiovascular workout machines, such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, stepmills, stairmasters, and stationary bikes. It can also help reduce eye strain while riding in a train, bus, or car.

You can clip it to your headband or to your shirt.

run n read monitor

How It Works

The device tracks your head movements and then moves the text on the screen in real time to always be in sync with your eyes. Though a person standing nearby can see the text jumping up and down, for the person wearing the device the text would appear perfectly still. Your head moves, but the words do not!

run n read monitor compatibility

It's packed with sophisticated electronics - an accelerometer, a low-power micro-controller, and a low energy Bluetooth module - to provide the best experience. It also features a rechargeable battery with a micro-USB port (20 hours of use time and 1 month of standby time).

Key Features

Run-n-Read comes with a free mobile application and is compatible with all new generation iOS and Android devices. You can now read your favorite book or catch up on global, local or social news (our app supports mobile websites) while working out.

run n read monitor app

Run-n-Read also comes with its own gesture recognition system! Simply tap the device once to turn the page forward, or tap twice to go back a page. We don't want you to lose that perfect balance you've attained.

And yes, this smart device can also act as a simple fitness tracker helping you keep your weight in check. Just clip it to your belt or shirt and start measuring the steps and calories burned. It syncs with your iOS or Android device to display your physical activity level and also compares it with your weekly average.

run n read features overview

Our Current Development Status

run n read development

We currently have a working prototype that we have tested with many people in multiple situations.
We're now focused on:

  • Finalizing the look and feel of the final product
  • Developing and iterating on the mobile app user experience
  • Optimizing the algorithms for the best experience

We will soon begin the process of:

  • Getting product certifications
  • Final negotiations with vendors and service providers
  • Setting up the supply chain
  • Materials procurement
  • Production

Why you should support us

By supporting our campaign, you will help kickstart volume production so that we can bring Run-n-Read to everyone. Building a dozen working prototypes is very different from producing hundreds of thousands of devices. We have taken the right first step partnering with Dragon Innovation. However, we still need working capital to place purchase orders with suppliers, obtain certifications and cover other fixed costs. Your support helps us run the proverbial "extra mile", and with a state of the art Run-n-Read device, maybe you will too!


Exercise the mind and body

Run-n-Read enables you to read with ease while running on a treadmill, or riding in a moving vehicle. Don't let running get in the way of finishing your book, catching up on news or just staying up to date!

"Never knew I wanted one till I tried it!" - Kyle, Physical Trainer

"Its like sitting on your couch and reading a book." - Steve, Ophthalmologist

"I don't have to strain my eyes while reading in the subway!" - Naren, New Yorker



Weartrons New York City, NY

About Us


Aditya Bansal - Technical Co-Founder

As a child, Aditya was a constant source of consternation for his parents due to his tendency to dismantle every electronic object in the house. Years later, aided by a PhD from Purdue, he creates electronic solutions to common problems.


Praveen Elak - Business Co-Founder

Not satisfied with a PhD from SUNY Buffalo, Praveen did an Exec MBA from Wharton. Armed with these degrees, he has been walking the line between business and technology with a successful mobile software venture in its exit phase.


Shayak Banerjee - Software Architect

Comfortable wearing multiple hats, Shayak often forgets which one fits him the best. Even though his PhD is in EE from the University of Texas at Austin, he is also a part-time data scientist, math geek and mobile app developer.


Robert Clarke - Industrial Design

Robert takes mechanical design from the realm of dark arts to the practicable. With his training in the defense, aerospace and medical industries, he tackles the design challenges of a fast paced consumer driven industry on an almost daily basis.


David Rock - Creative Director

Inspired by Steven Spielberg as a child, Dave took it upon himself to hone the art of storytelling through media and art. With the aid of his lens and design tools, he has helped many portray their dreams, ambitions and plans in technicolor.


Dr. Steven Zabin - Advisor

Hindsight may be 20/20, but up until now, your “reading-while-running” sight was far from it! Dr. Zabin, an ophthalmologist with 29 years of clinical experience in ocular and visual systems, helps our team keep their “eyes on the ball” with his expert advice and feedback.


What is Run-n-Read?

As the name suggests, it’s a device that helps you keep reading your favorite book without letting your cardio time get in the way. If you’ve ever taken up that unputdownable book which forced you to skip your exercise, or you’ve spent your treadmill time wondering about what happens in the next chapter, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

How exactly do I use the Run-n-Read?

It’s simple. We provide the device and a mobile application. You load up your current reading material on your favorite mobile device using our free app and clip on the device to your shirt or headband. Tap on the Run-n-Read option, and hey presto! The text will move in sync with your head so you never lose focus – on the words, or your workout.

Will I go dizzy trying to keep up with moving text?

That’s the beauty of it – the text keeps up with you, not the other way around. Our intelligent algorithms utilize a fast screen refresh rate of 60 frames per second (movies are at only 24 frames per sec) to provide a seamless reading experience akin to being at rest.

It all sounds good. But does this really work?

Ah, you are not alone. Run-n-Read is an experience product – you will have to try it on to appreciate its effectiveness! Till then, this might help: Many people have tried this on in different machines and every one of them had that “aha” moment! 

Why not Google Glass?

Different technology and application! Google Glass is meant to read only few lines of content at a time such as directions or text messages. It displays the content above the user's right eye. That’s normally not where you would keep your book.

Doesn’t Samsung S4 have some eye tracking technology?

Samsung S4 uses front-facing camera to follow a user's eye movements. This feature is primarily used to interact with the phone such as navigation and pausing/playing a video. To enable Run-n-Read, S4 camera should be able to follow the eyes (or head) accurately and in real time translate it to the text movement.

Why not a mobile app that uses the front facing camera?

Yes, we tried that... and quickly gave up for many reasons! The experience is much better with hardware. Additional features like remote flipping and fitness tracker are not possible. Also, the battery drains significantly due to the complex algorithms required to deal with different conditions – dim lights, face not in full view, and crowd in subways. Who needs to be tied to a charger anyway? 

Alright, how about audio books?

If you’re like us, and prefer to absorb and visualize a story through text/images, you’ll know that audio can’t provide the same experience. Based on our research, many people love to read while exercising, but use audio books because they do not have a choice. Now, they do. Besides, have you tried turning a few pages forward or backward in audio? Or flipping through pages to read highlights?

Is Run-n-Read safe?

Absolutely! Run-n-Read emits less than 1/10,000th the same amount of radiation as a cell phone and only a small fraction of what we humans get from using a Bluetooth headset. Our devices will ship FCC certified and well within the specifications followed by any other product considered to be safe.

How does it calculate the calories burned?

Our device accounts for your height and weight (user input) along with the number of steps taken in a given time to calculate the calories burned. The calorie calculation is performed every few seconds to accurately capture the difference in pace during the total time period.

Can it work with TV screens on treadmills?

No. Well, not at this point in time. However, we have discussions in flight with multiple gyms and equipment manufacturers to make this a reality. Also, we are still figuring out how to hack a TV…

I've bad experiences with other crowdfunding platforms. Will your devices ship on time or ship at all?

We have partnered with Dragon Innovation to address that exact concern. They have a track record of making volume manufacturing happen. All fixed/surprise costs, supplier needs, design reviews, and certification requirements have been vetted out by both our teams. We are ready!

What are the Terms & Conditions for this project?

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