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What is LIMBERboard?

LIMBERboard was born out of our love for the maker movement. We’ve been so inspired by the burgeoning community of programmers, engineers and hackers in recent years and wanted to create a product for them. LIMBERboard was designed for flexibility and wearability and we’re excited to offer makers a platform to build projects featuring those capabilities. Wearable technology is a rapidly growing field and at Infinite Corridor Technology (ICT) we know that the maker community will shape the wearable future.

limberbord wearable technology

What Can You Do With LIMBERboard?

LIMBERboard is the perfect tool for wearable projects like health monitors, activity monitors, impact detectors and more. The Bluetooth featured in our first iteration also allows you to send data from the microprocessor to a smartphone making LIMBERboard great for all mobile projects. Despite its many capabilities, we’ve developed LIMBERboard to weigh less than a nickel so it’s ideal for applications that need to be lightweight.

limberbord wearable technology

The Technical Stuff

LIMBERboard is a two-layer stretchable flex printed circuit board employing ICT's patent-pending geometric patterning technology for creating wearable electronics. Our market-ready LIMBERboard will feature a mini-USB port for programming and will be programmable using the arduino environment.


Our first LIMBERboard includes:

  • ATMega168 microprocessor
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Bluetooth
  • Ability to flex, fold and twist more than 120,000 times while maintaining full functionality

limberbord wearable technology

Finite element analysis of LIMBERboard shows that it can bend, stretch and twist over 120,000 times and maintain functionality

Why Crowdfunding?

After receiving an SBIR award in 2009, ICT has delivered hardware for the defense, medical and fashion accessories industries. With that experience under our belts, the technology developed by our MIT engineers is ready to join the open source movement. We know that crowdfunding is the best way for us to interact with our customer base: makers.

We are so excited to use this platform to engage with you and hear how you want to use LIMBERboard, and use that feedback to inform our direction.


A wearable board for the maker movement

LIMBERboard is an atmel based, flexible, stretchable, programmable microcontroller board embracing open source design. Ideal for makers of all kinds, LIMBERboard is particularly suited for the growing wearable technology space.



Infinite Corridor Technology Winchester, MA

About Us


Mary Boyce - Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor

Mary’s 30 year career at MIT, including 25 years on the faculty and then leading Mechanical Engineering as Department Head from 2008-2013, focused on the interplay between geometry and material behavior to create materials and structures with unique properties. Mary co-founded Infinite Corridor Technology together with Chris Boyce to commercialize their unique stretchable, flexible electronics design platform. Mary continues to serve as an advisor while now Dean of Engineering at Columbia University.


Chris Boyce - Co-Founder and Stretchable Design Engineer

Also a graduate of MIT, Chris is currently finishing up a PhD in engineering at Cambridge University as a Gates Cambridge Scholar. Chris brings his engineering expertise to our mechanical design.


Matt Boyce - Product Manager

Coming from the online start-up world in New York, Matt joined Infinite Corridor Technology to develop Limberboard and bring ICT into the maker movement.


Duncan Boyce - Business Development

Duncan is also an MIT grad and has a long career in engineering and program management under his belt. Prior to joining ICT, he was director of tactical programs at L-3 Communications. He has also previously developed night vision military products at Insight Technology and been an engineer and manager at Raytheon Company. Duncan's work in contract management has helped ICT's products go from design to prototype to development with ease.


What are LIMBERboard's dimensions?

LIMBERboard is 2.25 inches long and 0.75 inches wide.

What is LIMBERboard made of?

LIMBERboard has two layers of copper traces with a dielectric layer of kapton which allows for flexibility.

How do I program LIMBERboard?

Our market-ready LIMBERboard will feature a mini-USB port so that you can program your board using the arduino environment from your computer.

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