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Rest Assured. Sleep Better.

Mimo is the smartest, most accurate baby monitor to help moms and dads get the reassurance they need to sleep better. By using Mimo, parents get the information they want, when they want it, and from anywhere in the world!

mimo smart baby monitor

Meet Mimo!

Mimo starter packs come with 3 Mimo kimonos, a Wi-Fi Lilypad, and a Turtle.

mimo baby onesie monitor

From their iPhone or Android, moms and dads can track their baby’s breathing, temperature, body position, activity and even stream live audio. All this information is presented in a simple, intuitive graphical way with customizable settings!

mimo baby monitor app

Safety Matters

We know safety and ease of use are of utmost important, so we designed Mimo with safety in mind and then tested, tested, and tested again!

  • Mimo kimonos are fully machine washable
  • Turtles are water resistant, too big to be a choking hazard, and totally chew-safe
  • Mimo is completely designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Mimo uses Bluetooth Smart in order to minimize the transmission power required for wireless communication

This means that Mimo would be similar to having a cell phone in the same room, or a currently on the market audio monitor placed next to the crib.

How Mimo Works

Mimo starts as an organic cotton kimono and then Rest’s proprietary sensors are applied by heat press. By pairing the Mimo kimono, Turtle (a Bluetooth Low Energy system) and the Wi-Fi Lilypad, we collect and send biometric and audio data to parents in real-time.

With the data collected, we can process and run long-term analytics about your baby’s sleep trends and development over time. In addition, we provide alerts to let you know if there are changes in breathing patterns, body position, temperature levels, or if your baby wakes up or falls asleep.

Who is Mimo for?

mimo smart baby monitor

Meet Rest Devices

The core Rest team is comprised of four MIT engineers and one super-aunt CEO. We love creating new technology, and, even more, we are obsessed with products that are exceptionally user-centered, simple, accurate, and fun. We’re excited to build out Mimo as the best connected parenting company possible, and we’re absolutely thrilled to be launching Mimo with DragonLauncher (more products are coming soon). We are starting sales this fall, and DragonLauncher will fund our tool-up process and help us bring Mimo to market!

We love hearing from our users, so please don’t hesitate to be in touch! Connect with us via Facebook, Twitter(@RestDevices), or email Dulcie at dulcie@restdevices.com to stay up to date on Mimo news and launch details!

We love hearing from our users, so please don’t hesitate to be in touch!

Thank you!

Dulcie, Carson, Thomas & Chao

www.restdevices.com // www.mimobaby.com


Helping Parents Rest Better

Thank you to all our supporters and backers! Though we did not reach our funding goal, Mimo is still set to hit retail stores in January 2014. We are incredibly excited for our retail launch and would love to keep you posted.

Stay Tuned. Follow Our Progress!

Stay tuned on the latest Mimo developments by checking out our site—www.mimobaby.com—and signing up for our newsletter. And, you can follow our ongoing stream of consciousness on our blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest

Finally, we love to hear from (potential) users, so please contact us any time at dulcie@restdevices.com.

Thank you again for all the support! And be sure to check out the other projects on Dragon while you’re here.



Rest Devices Boston, MA

About Us


Dulcie Madden - CEO and Co-Founder

Dulcie works on the non-engineering side of all things Rest and Mimo, and she's still in awe of everything the team can create and build. After developing and scaling programs with the Deshpande Foundation in India for four years, she co-founded Rest with Thomas and Carson. She has BS in Biology, an MPH in epidemiology and international health, and ½ an MBA from MIT Sloan. She loves alpine skiing and running, homemade ice cream, and searching for the best and cutest baby products.


Thomas Lipoma - CTO

Thomas excels at new product development, engineering crazy new systems, and tinkering like a boss. He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering (course 2!) from MIT, with a focus on jet propulsion, and he's completely obsessed with inventing insane new things incredibly fast and ridiculously inexpensively. He's also an expert in building large-scale marine acquariums, and he Makerbotted a majority of replacement parts for the vintage motorcycle he's rebuilding.


Carson Darling - Co-Founder

Carson leads everything electronic, software, firmware, and server related. He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, with a focus on CS/EE, and he inherently tends to build beautiful, simple solutions for even the most complex problems. A preternaturally talented athlete, he trains our office dog (Cooper) to do ridiculous tricks by example. He's also leading the Rest Devices Ski to Sea 2014 Team in their quest for glory.


Chao He - Engineering and Manufacturing Lead

Chao works throughout all aspects of engineering at Rest, be it product development, app development, or manufacturing. He also received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, with a focus on CS/EE. Not only does he quickly develop engineering expertise on-the-fly (building the original iPhone app with no prior iOS experience took 5 weeks), he's a fast learner outside of work too (dropping his handicap from 25+ to 12 took less than a year). He's also the Chef d'Rest, cooking amazing Chinese // Asian fusion meals for the team at least once a week.


Do you ship Mimos internationally?

Not yet, be we can put you on an international wait list and ship one the moment we get the paper work sorted out!

What sizes does Mimo come in?

Mimo kimonos are available in 3 sizes up to 12mo at the moment: 0-3, 3-6, and 6-12. 

Will the sensors irritate my baby?

Not at all! All the sensors are non-contact and heat pressed onto the front of the kimono.

Is it safe?

Yes, we use low energy Bluetooth, which is similar to having a cell phone in the same room as a baby or a traditional baby monitor next to the crib.

Can I wash it at home?

Yes, the Mimo kimono is totally machine washable—treat it as you would any other monitor. 

Can my baby eat it?

He or she can try, but Mimo Turtles are totally chew safe, water-proof, and bigger than a choking hazard. 

How long is the battery life?

The turtle’s battery life is about 5 days and is easily recharged on the Lilypad base station in less than an hour.

When can I get one?

NOW! We are starting mass production literally as we speak and will be shipping in December. Get yours Today!

What if I don’t have a baby?

Mimo’s make great wedding shower gifts, Christmas gifts, etc. Buy one for a friend or even just contribute—all support is greatly appreciated!

What are the Terms & Conditions for this project?

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