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The Fiesta-Five

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The Perfect High-Five, Every Time!

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See Fiesta-Five featured on Discovery Network's High Tech Toys Week!

fiesta five high five

You know that feeling when you give the perfect high-five? Multiply it by fireworks. When we set out to enhance one of the most common forms of celebration known to mankind, our first focus was make it consistently awesome. The Fiesta-Five gives you that satisfying thunderclap every-time, without hurting your hand. Add to that a shower of colored confetti and it’ll be your cheeks that are hurting from smiling so hard!

Do you high-five? Making confetti high-fives a reality is completely up to you! Help move this prototype into production by pre-ordering your FiestaFive now. We need your help to take high-fives to the next level and bring them to...

Sporting Events

Celebrate every great play, goal, touchdown, and victory with an explosion of colors and sound. Make every victory a super bowl victory as you shower in confetti.


Give the ultimate Happy Birthday high-five! The Fiesta-Five makes an amazing gift too.


Why throw rice when you can blast confetti? Customize the Fiesta-Five with your names and wedding date!

The bride is going to need a white one.

Parties & Events

Keep the parties going all night! With the Fiesta-Five, the party stays in your palm wherever you go.


Party poppers are lame and outdated. The Fiesta-Five is a must have for ringing in the New Year and alongside your Independence Day fireworks!

National High-Five Day

The 3rd Thursday in April is dedicated to high-fives. Own it.

fiesta five prototype

How the Fiesta-Five works

The Fiesta-Five is reload-able. Each Confetti Cartridge (reload) contains a small charge and confetti. Once a Confetti Cartridge has been inserted into the top of the Fiesta-Five, the pin must be set down, which will compress a spring and activate the push button.  When the push button is pressed (with the Fiesta-Five pointed in a safe direction) the pin will be released, striking the charge and expelling confetti into the air.  Reload and repeat!

fiesta five prototype description

fiesta five high five gif

Here is a video that demonstrates how the Fiesta-Five functions, on a very basic level.

Patent Pending

Our Patent Application is well on its way through the USPTO! It’s about time a new party favor was invented, and we’re excited to bring it to the palm of your hand.

Five Ways the FiestaFive is Environmentally Friendly:

1. Each confetti cartridge contains biodegradable confetti! This paper is non-toxic and totally recyclable.

fiesta five confetti

2. Biodegradable confetti dissolves in water! A bit of rain, a mop, or 30 seconds with a hose makes clean up easy on you and the environment.

fiesta five biodegradable

3. The packaging is made of 100% recycled cardboard! Even if it’s thrown away it will take less than 1 year to fully decompose into organic material.

fiesta five recycled cardboard packaging

4. The special origami design of the FiestaFive packaging only requires one glued side, greatly minimizing the amount of material and waste!

fiesta five packaging

5. The plastics used in the Fiesta Five are 100% recyclable!

recycle symbol

Our Story

Seated around a long table were about 15 of our closest friends. It was alumni weekend in college and we had all sat down for a bite to eat. Well, in through the door walked someone no one had seen in too long; someone who was notoriously known for his high-five. Through all the commotion Tucker naturally gave the closest person to the door a high-five, which followed by the next person, until suddenly he was committed to going down the entire table slapping five with everyone. It was then that it hit me! How epic it would have been if all of those high-fives showered confetti over the table?

The first prototype was made from a dog squeaker toy and plastic tubing. The concept was that air pressure would dispel the confetti. It worked, but wasn’t consistent and needed a lot of force. Nonetheless, it proved the concept I was hooked! It was then and there I knew it was time to take high-fives to the next level.

Development Progression

fiesta five development team

fiesta five sketch

The first sketch

fiesta five measurements

The first prototype

The Future is Custom

In order to keep costs as low as possible and ensure we bring the Fiesta-Five to market (first), we are currently only producing the Fiesta-Five in Red, White, and Blue. Our goal is to have every major color combination so that you can better show your team spirit and cater to any event.  But, we need your feedback and support to make this happen.

At checkout, you can help decide what the next combination will be through a quick survey to vote on different Fiesta-Five color schemes.  The future of high-fiving…

It’s In Your Hands

This is your chance to help make a prototype a real product, a dream a reality, and a high-five go down in history.  Your support will cover the costs of tooling for injection molds and the initial unit order.   Please help us spread the word, we cannot do this without you.  Let's take high-fives to the next level!

Retailer, Distributor or Larger Quantities?

We want to hear from you! Contact us directly at info@fiesta5.com


Better High-Fives. Better Celebrations.

The Fiesta-Five is a new product that lets you blast confetti from your hands whenever you give a high-five. It's re-loadable and shoots biodegradable confetti, adding color and noise to this classic celebration.

It's high-fives on steroids!

Help take this prototype into production by pre-ordering your FiestaFive now.



FiestaFive Locust Valley, NY

About Us


Chase Bourdelaise - CEO

Chase is an inventor at heart with a constant flow of ideas. His background is in commercial real estate brokerage and analytics, which further stimulate his entrepreneurial spirit. With a special interest in automation, efficiency, and big data, Chase enjoys taking the lead and managing projects. Chase is from Annapolis, MD and attended Roanoke College.  He currently high-fives in Boston.


Paul Wagner - COO

Paul carries an impressive background in sales, digital advertising, and search engine optimization. As the force behind our marketing and sales efforts for the Fiesta-Five, he will also ensure top notch conversion rates. Paul grew up in Locust Valley, NY and attended Roanoke College.  He currently high-fives in New York City.


Diego Punin - Chief Engineer

Diego has been the engineer behind the development of the Fiesta-Five over the past three years. He has over 10 years of experience with injection molding and advanced CAD. Diego has developed and patented several successful products and provides engineering solutions from initial concept, to prototyping, testing, tooling, and manufacturing. Diego is from Ecuador and currently high-fives in London.


Dragon Innovation - Support

Dragon Innovation’s engineers have reviewed the Fiesta-Five’s bill of materials (BOM) in detail to come up with the most cost effective solution as possible. They have helped ensure labor, factory markup, scrap, overhead and packaging are included as well as properly estimated tooling and production costs.  With over 200 years of combined manufacturing experience and trusted contacts, Dragon Innovation has also offered their services as an API for manufacturing. They provide us with the confidence that the Fiesta-Five will ship on time and at the scale demanded by crowd funding.  Dragon Innovation has also partnered with General Electric's (NYSE: GE) Idea Works Team, which provides unique access to senior staff within GE, R&D collaboration (including Global Research Centers), technology transfer, licensing opportunities and help with go-to-market activities. Dragon Innovation is also collaborating with Arrow Electronics (NYSE: ARW) and Freescale (NYSE: FSL) to help introduce innovative products, reduce time to market, and enhance overall competitiveness.


What is the size of the Fiesta-Five?

One size fits all.

Can the Fiesta-Five be shipped outside the US?

Right now, we are only shipping to the US, Canada, and the UK. Send us a note and we'll follow up when we're available internationally!

When can I expect the Fiesta-Five to ship?

Early 2014

Is the Fiesta-Five safe to use?

Yes. The charge used in the Fiesta-Five is the same as a cap from a cap gun. There will be proper warning labels on the packaging, such as: Age 8+, choking hazard, use under adult supervision, do not fire closer than 1ft to your ear, never point at face, eyes, or ears.

Can I replace a dysfunctional Fiesta-Five?

We will send you a replacement. Just let us know!

How much confetti comes out of the Fiesta-Five?

2-3 times as much as you see in the video! Enough to make a scene and be seen.

What if I don't have hands?

Get a friend to Fiesta-Five your body!

What is tooling?

It’s what we will inject molten plastic into so that we can make the parts for the Fiesta-Five.  It will also help us automate the manufacturing process and reduce production time.

What is crowdfunding?

It’s the process of raising small amounts of money from a large number of people.  You are only charged and receive your incentive(s) if the funding goal is met.  So, we are in this together!  Every little bit helps.

What are the Terms & Conditions for this project?

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