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Control your water usage in a smart and cool way!

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Water is a precious resource

conserve water usage


Despite campaigns, the message to conserve falls between the cracks. To get in the habit, the message needs to be on site, like when mom told you to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth! Having a clear idea of how much water you are wasting when taking a bath, doing the dishes, or watering the lawn is vital. Conserving is such a powerful habit, but knowing how to start can be the problem! Driblet is an easy way to get started. Save water and money!

Condos and Apartments

The common complaint of tenants is that water bills are split in equal parts, even though each has a different consumption level. This may cause problems between neighbors, or even lead to lease cancels. The fair way to manage this situation is to charge for what is spent. Having a good relationship with tenants is very important for the continuity of the contracts or good reviews of your properties.

Student Housing

Managers of student housing need a clear picture of the expenses they have in order to manage their collection. Having proof of the consumption makes it easier to charge each individual for what he or she consumed. Having the information in real-time can let students make smart choices over consumption and lower bills.

Remote Location

Non-profit organizations, or farmers with the need to monitor a well, know that it’s a burden to be going out there for readings, to detect leaks, or knowing if any kind of illicit activity is going on their property. Driblet is your feet on the ground!


Information is power. To have a real impact in water management innovation, there needs to be control of the water consumption variables at stake in order to manage them efficiently. Big Data empowers decision makers for smarter, more realistic budgets. In the past, this efforts have been costly. Nowadays, new technologies, such as the internet of things, have made this task easier and more cost-effective for urban planners.

Our Mobile App Features

  • Available for iOS, Android and Web.
  • Connect via WiFi in real-time
  • Get water consumption and temperature data
  • Calculate and forecast savings
  • Set Goals and Alarms (visual or audio)
  • Get advise from the Driblet Assistant.
  • Invite, share and compete with your friends – who can save the most?
  • Configure volume units, currency, date and time
  • Data available via API

driblet water monitoring app

The Driblet Story: Help Us Make the Dream Possible

driblet team award

In 1998, fresh out of college and working for an electronics company, our CEO Rodolfo created an out-of-the-house smart water meter for one of Mexico's biggest water meter distributors. The product didn't see the light due to federal regulations and lengthy litigations.

Fifteen years later, now being a Dad of three kids, the idea came back to him when he had to strive every morning knocking on the bathroom's door due to his kids’ long showers. This made him think that there should be an easier way for everyone. Present technologies have made much easier to create connected hardware devices, and riding the Internet of Things wave, Driblet was born.

The first tests proved the theory! His kids were so engaged in the competition and wanted to see their numbers go down that their habits started to change. Peace came back to his home and as a bonus, the water and gas bills went down.

Today, we benefit from the internet of things using new components, strategies, and new IP to create a prototype that won the Angelhack’s Spring 2013 Edition in Monterrey, Mexico.

Driblet at AngelHack’s Demo Day (September 2013):

We need your support!

Driblet is under constant improvement! We have already put together a working prototype that successfully reports to the dashboard. However, tooling and production costs are high and we need your support to make Driblet more affordable, and a mass product reality. The more places we can reach, the more water together, as a society, we can save.

With Driblet, the decision to start saving is in your hands, and we need your help to make it a life changing reality that will fulfill your expectations.

You can support us in 2 ways:

  • By sharing this page with people who worry about their household income and about the impact their water usage habits have in the world.
  • Back this project and become one of the first to have this innovative water meter device.
  • Make every Driblet count!


  • Encourages sustainability in our way of life.
  • Creates saving habits in future generations.
  • Helps household economy.
  • Helps landlords manage water bills
  • Helps monitor remote water pipes
  • Accessibility of water to areas that need it the most as we work in partnership with multinational water conservation NGO’s, private companies, and governments
  • Adoption of our innovative technology in water conservation programs

Driblet, A World Class Product

It's a beautifully designed small sensor device - the Nest of the Water Meter Sensors

  • Easy to install; plugs into any ½ “ pipe or, using the right fitting, to any ⅜” or ¾” pipe
  • Recommended for showers, water taps, and backyard, or main water supply
  • Connects to Internet via Wi-Fi
  • Its patent-pending innovative technology: Driblet is self-sustained by the running water power so you don't need to worry about charging or replacing a battery.
  • The data is transmitted via WiFi to the Cloud, so the user can review it on a web or mobile device in real-time.
  • The visual or audio alarms emitted by the sensor can be configured accordingly to the user's settings or Driblet's suggestions.
  • The data generated can be shared in a social way where you can share your achievements with your friends, neighbors

driblet product spec

How do you set Driblet up?

1. Get your Driblet device out of the box.

2. Download our soon to be published mobile application (iOS & Android)

3. Configure it to access your Wi-Fi network.

4. Follow the In-App instructions

5. Plug Driblet into a water pipe in your home

Voila! You are ready to control your water usage in a smart and cool way!


The smart way to conserve water

Managing water consumption is not an easy task, but it is vital for life preservation. Most of us do not know how much water we actually use, and conserving is difficult when you don’t have an understanding of your current water usage.

Knowing your water print, in the home, condo, student housing, as a well owner, or even an entire nation can have a great impact. For example, families can change habits of consumption. Landlords can charge fair bills. Farmers can get real-time data of a remote well. Even local governments can support their efforts of sustainable energy with real data.

Driblet is the solution you were looking for! It offers cutting edge technology for the most accurate, tailored, and on-time measurements, at the tip of your fingers.



Driblet McAllen, TX

About Us


Rodolfo P. Ruiz - Co-Founder & CEO

Rodolfo is an Electrical Engineer with 15+ years of HW and SW development experience, and is a 2-time entrepreneur.


Carlos Mosqueda - Co-Founder & Head Designer

Carlos is an design engineer with 5+ years of experience developing digital and physical products.


Mario García - Co-Founder & COO

Mario has a CS degree & MBA. He has 15+ years of experience in the high tech sector in Innovation, Marketing, Biz Dev and Strategy. He's a 2-time entrepreneur.


Where can I install Driblet in my home?

You can install it in any water pipe to which you have access, although we recommend installing it in your showers, tub/jacuzzi and on the yards hose.

How accurate is Driblet's measurement of water flow?

By using its proprietary technology, Driblet can detect in a precise manner water related variables like flow and temperature. In our lab tests, we have achieved ~90% accuracy and we are targeting to have close 99% accuracy in our production model.

How long does Driblet's battery last?

Our innovative patent-pending technology allows Driblet to self-power its battery by using the water that runs through it.

Can I have Driblet shipped internationally?

We are currently only shipping Driblet to North America. If you are outside North America, send us a note and we'll let you know when it's available!

What are the Terms & Conditions for this project?

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