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MeCam HD

$12,941 raised of $70,000 goal

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Campaign Ended

Campaign goal was not reached by January 1st, 2014 – See more projects

The amazing mini wearable video camera for your big life. Never miss a moment!

mecam hd camera friends wearable video

Welcome to our campaign for the amazing MeCam HD. MeCam HD is our vision of the perfect mini wearable video camera. The final product is the culmination of months of hard work, and immense amounts of great feedback from our existing users who purchased our first model MeCam.

We are not a huge company filled with engineers and software developers. MeCam is everyday people like you who have a passion for capturing the beauty in life. We are trying to promote a culture of breaking outside of the box and living life with passion and intent. We are only here today because of our users and customers.

Bottom line is: You guys are our everything!

We strove to create a camera that is super portable and wearable, with the video and photo quality of a much larger, full size camera. We couldn’t be happier with the final product we’ve made, which is why we’re so excited to share it with you.

mecam wearable video camera is for friend time

mecam wearable video camera is for going out

In appreciation of all of you, we created this campaign so you can get the MeCam HD at early bird prices and be a part of the MeCam culture. We want you to get your MeCam HD because you believe that this is an awesome product that you will actually use to enrich your life by capturing all of your memories. Everyone has a story to tell, and we want to know yours, from your point of view. Share your videos, share your images, and share your story! So get off that couch and go experience this amazing world.

mecam camera mount base bracket

So Join Us…

We ask you to do two things:

  • Share this page with your friends who love life as much as you and want to remember their best moments.
  • Back this project and be one of the first to have a MeCam HD - the perfect mini wearable camera.

Together we will create and capture everlasting memories.

A little bit about our Proprietary Video Editing Software

So you have all these amazing videos and photos from your exciting life….now what? MeCam has collaborated with a great company called HighlightCam. We have joined forces to give MeCam users access to their amazing proprietary video editing program. The program works by singling out the “highlights” of your footage and shoots you back a fully edited video seamlessly. We are working diligently to incorporate this technology into our MeCam app so our users can easily submit their footage and receive back an amazing edited video, all through their phone. We are also incorporating this into our website for our users to have access to. You can then take this edited video and share it with all of your friends and family.

We think this will change the way you share your life!

The MeCam HD: Versatile for video or photography

mecam true color picture saturation rich

True image color presentation with high contrast and rich color saturation

mecam time lapse photo burst

Take a series of photos in quick succession with Photo Burst, or use the Time Lapse function to capture sunrise or sunset. Life is full of beauty. You won't miss a thing.

Easy to connect, stream, and share

mecam hd app share

Use the app to share images and video instantly. Available for iPhone and Android users.

mecam hd hdmi connect charge share

Built-in HDMI output to connect to large screen TV or projector for best visual impact

mecam hd wifi share


MeCam will be releasing many useful accessories, such as other mounting and casing options including a universal camera mount for tripods and an attachable waterproof case.

mecam mounting accessories

Waterproof casing and mounts will soon be available for the MeCam HD!

Specifications for the MeCam HD

mecam hd specifications

mecam hd specifications

mecam hd storage

mecam hd guide


The Truly Wearable Lifelogger and Action Video Camera

MeCam HD is a mini hands-free wearable video camera intended for capturing all of life's moments as they happen, so you never miss one. MeCam HD shoots in full 1080p HD video with a high quality glass lens and internal gyroscope for image stabilization. Every MeCam HD emits its own Wi-Fi signal, allowing you to connect to your smartphone or tablet and control the MeCam through the proprietary app, and instantly share footage.

Ferris Bueller put it best: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” So get off the couch, live your life, and let MeCam HD capture it for you.



MeCam LLC Miami, FL

About Us


MeCam LLC and Drew Martin - #nevermissamoment

After living in New York for seven years, which included careers in finance and owning retail stores, Drew Martin took what he learned from investing into a spy camera company and applied it to create MeCam, the mini wearable video camera. He wanted to create something that utilized this amazing technology but in a way that was more approachable by the mainstream public. Martin moved to Miami and launched MeCam in January 2013 and the MeCam HD is the company’s second product launched with the vision of capturing and celebrating the fun and active lifestyles of its users.  Martin wants the MeCam culture to embody the idea of living life to the fullest and letting MeCam capture it for you.


Limits of Use

Please strictly observe the relevant national/state laws as it pertains to video/audio capture and use. This product should not be used for any illegal purpose, or the owner of the individual MeCam will assume responsibility for how the device and what it captures is used.

How much does MeCam HD weigh?

MeCam HD weighs 2.5 ounces, and measures 2 inches x 2 inches square. 

What is the proprietary editing software?

We are very pleased to have collaborated with HighLightCam to provide MeCam users with a fantastic editing tool.

The program works by singling out the “highlights” of your footage and shoots you back a fully edited video seamlessly - all available through the MeCam app!

How long does the MeCam HD battery last?

The battery lasts a little over an hour in 1080p continuous with wifi on; longer in 720p mode and even longer if wifi is off! And it of course lasts longer in time lapse mode.

When will the MeCam HD ship?

Your MeCam HD will ship in January 2014, if our funding goal is met! Help spread the word (and the MeCam!) and never miss a moment!

What are the wifi specs?

The Wifi is 802.11 b/g/n, indoor 10m, outdoor 50m

What are the Terms & Conditions for this project?

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