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Zazzi by FashionTEQ

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Smart Jewelry that is feminine, stylish and easy to use. Keeping you connected all day... discreetly.

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Push notifications to your ring, bracelet or pendant by assigning images to vip contacts. Only you will know what your Z–image means.

Express yourself with interchangeable Z-images for your Zazzi display. Choose images you wish to wear at any moment in the Z–image library. Control how your image changes with notifications through your Z–app.

Zazzi jewelry also vibrates to notify you, so you don’t miss out on any important news!

Facebook Integration Be the first to show what you are wearing on Facebook, by posting through the Z–App directly to your Facebook page.

Polish your phone etiquette Never have to leave your phone out again so that you won’t miss that important call, text or email. Keep it in your purse during meetings, at restaurants and social gatherings and still stay connected.

Never forget your phone as Zazzi will alert you when it senses that it is separated too far from it’s paired device.

About Zazzi

The Product Zazzi is a new jewelry line that features a 1.44” e-ink screen that syncs with your iPhone (we’ll be expanding to Android in the next generation) to let you express yourself and stay connected at the same time.

zazzi wearable tech bracelet pendant ring fashionteq

Made by FashionTEQ, the Zazzi ring, pendant necklace, and bracelet all disguise your tech as a fashionable, gorgeous accessory so it doesn’t look like you have a phone sitting on your wrist. For ease of use, the Zazzi offers simple capabilities that are easy to program to your Zazzi pendant through the Zazzi smartphone app.

Since the Zazzi syncs to your phone, you can also choose to have notifications and messages pushed to your bracelet, pendant, or ring. You don’t need to pull your phone out of your purse, bag, or pocket to know who’s calling you, who’s texting you, that there’s a new email waiting for you, or that your next appointment is in five minutes, or that your favorite team is winning their game.

You’ll be able to choose which notifications you receive, and for which contacts you receive them. You can choose to have only family calls, or work calls, pushed to your Zazzi if you’d like. You can choose which image shows up for each person and each notification, and if you’d like your Zazzi to vibrate. You can choose any graphic through the Zazzi application on your smartphone, and have it displayed on your Zazzi while you go through your day. Going to a baseball game? Put your team’s logo on the Zazzi. Going to a fancy work dinner? Display your favorite work of art or a snazzy geometric design.

zazzi fashionteq facebook app

Problem & Solution

Technology has become fully integrated into our everyday lives; we rely on it constantly. However, it is barely tailored to match our personal styles or self-expression. Everyone’s phone looks the same! With Zazzi jewelry, women can accessorize their technology, making it functional and stylish. Not only that, everyone knows when you’re receiving a call if your phone starts buzzing in a meeting, at the coffee shop, or in the middle of dinner. It can be intrusive for you and your company. With the Zazzi, your phone won’t scream in public – your jewelry will vibrate and only you will know you’re receiving a call or text.

The FashionTEQ team is focused on making it easier for everyone to be connected, but not having technology disrupt our every day. You won’t have to pull your phone out of your bag to see who’s trying to get in touch with you or who tweeted at you, and not only that, you can match your tech to whatever you’re wearing, where you’re going, or just the style you prefer.

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Smart Jewelry for Busy Women

FashionTEQ’s Zazzi offers a discreet way for women to receive messages and reminders, while leaving the phone in the purse, bag, or pocket.

Thank you for your support!  FashionTEQ unveiled the Zazzi collection prototypes at CES2014.  The feedback on Zazzi was amazing.  Everyone who stopped by the booth or saw a demo loved the idea, especially women.  They see the need to have smart, stylish jewelry. We're at the start of something big!!

We also got some feedback on refining  Zazzi - you want it thinner and more bling! We heard you and we are now making this happen.

Please keep in touch with us and stay tuned for the new design!



FashionTEQ Ladera Ranch, CA

About Us


Judy Tomlinson - CEO

Judy Tomlinson founded her first app company, Avocsoft, in 2010 and quickly pulled her My Weekly Budget to the top of the charts in Apple’s finance app store. Inspired by women’s jewelry, fashion, and the recent growth of wearable technology, Judy is poised to lead FashionTEQ and its jewelry design to the top as a tech company specifically tailored to women. Drawing on her background in engineering, she created "Zazzi" with her team, to bring fashion and technology together.


Mike Tomlinson - CTO

Mike Tomlinson has been designing and building consumer products for more than 20 years.  Mike has a strong systems engineering background, including experience developing Apps for mobile devices, optimizing firmware for embedded systems, board layout and debug, and development and debug of embedded processors.


Bodo Rau - VP, Engineering

Bodo Rau has over 20 years of experience in design and development of embedded systems, while successfully delivering prototype and production ready designs for consumer, defense, medical, and automotive applications. He specializes in the architecture and design of wireless handheld devices for ultra low power applications.


Susan Tone - VP, Creative

Susan Tone has a penchant for creative problem solving. With a practical, consumer driven perspective, she transforms her ideas to workable, marketable designs. As a seasoned professional, Susan offers the FashionTEQ team, 20+ years experience in consumer product and package design, advertising, retail marketing, photography and art direction.


Robert Tricerri - Director, Operations

Robert Tricerri has been in the high tech data and storage networking industry for more than 11 years. Robert also bring 25 years of Semiconductor industry experience and has a strong technical background in design, fabrication, and manufacturing of products.


Lee Thompson - Software Engineering

15 years experience in developing and supporting embedded software in consumer and enterprise class products. Products directly involved with include GPS receivers, cellphone chipsets, network attached RFID readers and solid state hard-drives.


What are the ring sizes?

The ring is available in size 6, 7, or 8. 

How long is the necklace?

The necklace is 24". 

What size is the cuff?

The cuff is 7 1/4 inches - standard size! 

What if I only want the necklace or the cocktail ring?

Send us a note at hello@fashionteq.com ! If there's enough interest, we'll make those available individually as well.

What are the Terms & Conditions for this project?

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