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$110,639 raised of $52,000 goal

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Campaign Ended

213% FUNDED! We reached our goal on February 21st, 2014.

Thank you!

February 25, 2014

We did it! Our campaign has been a smashing success, raising double the target goal and attracting over 1000 backers. Thank you all so much for being a part of this.

We will be posting regular updates to our blog.  This is where we document our progress, explore design decisions and share our journey through the regulatory and manufacturing processes. 

We will also send out an email once every few weeks to sum up where we are in the process.  We respect your time and inbox, so expect these to be less frequent than the blog posts. 

We're now accepting pre-orders on our website.  These will be shipping in September.

As always, we look forward to your questions and feedback at Hello@moosh.im.

Thank You!

~ Mooshim Engineering

It's the last day of our campaign!

February 19, 2014

Thank you so much for pushing our campaign to double our original goal. Yesterday we flew past the $100K mark, unlocking another voltage range on the high voltage input!

Today is the last day of the campaign, so if you have a friend who's been holding off for whatever reason, please let them know.

Stay tuned, we'll be posting regular updates to the blog as we go through the regulatory approval processes, find cool new Mooshimeter uses, and bring this product through production for you.

Thank You!

~ Mooshim Engineering

50 More STEMooshimeters!

February 14, 2014

Thank you all so much for making our campaign a smashing success! We've nearly doubled our goal, and as an additional thank you we are releasing another 50 Mooshimeters at the educational price. There's still a week left in the campaign, keep spreading the word!

Thanks again,

~Mooshim Engineering

Two New Stretch Goals!

February 12, 2014

We have one week remaining in the campaign, and you have already made it a resounding success. It is the best kind of overwhelming - Thank You!

We’re announcing two new stretch goals:

$100K: Several of you have asked for a second precision voltage input channel. This stretch goal will add another set of voltage ranges to our High Voltage input similar to the precision voltage mode of the Auxiliary Input. This mode will feature a strong low frequency filter for extracting small DC measurements from noisy environments.

$120K: Your Mooshimeter already comes with 3 clip leads. If we hit this goal, campaign backers will also receive a set of spear-tip leads. We were originally envisioning clip-on or screw-in lead tips, but several backers indicated that they prefer separate leads - what is your preference? Let us know on our discussion board.

Thank you again!

~ Mooshim Engineering

$85K Stretch Goal Hit!

February 10, 2014

We hit our $85K stretch goal this morning, just after hitting the $70K goal on Friday. Your more-accurate Mooshimeters will now be shipping in their own carry case. This humbling pace means a lot to us - thank you for your continued support!

- Mooshim Engineering

Today is a good day!

February 7, 2014

We hit our $70K accuracy overhaul stretch goal, blinked, and now we are suddenly at over $76K! Thank you to our friends Natasha Lomas at TechCrunch and MJLorton for spreading the word!


The $70K stretch goal allows us to afford a better voltage reference and tighter toleranced parts. We're still crunching numbers and writing up analyses, but I wanted to share a sneak peak.

  • The precision voltage input’s gain accuracy has been improved from 0.5% to 0.2%.
  • Temperature coefficients and drifts have improved by similar margins.
  • Resistance measurement is being overhauled.

The Internet of Things

Last night our friend (and my former TA) Jon at Technical Machine told us that Tessel is now speaking with a Mooshimeter.

More Volts

We are increasing the rating for AC voltage from 600VAC peak to 600VAC RMS.  We’ve been designing to this since before launch, and now we have the testing necessary to stand by the increased rating.  As always, under promise and over deliver.

For the electricians amongst you, this means that it is now rated to handle standard 440/460/480V services in delta configuration (as well as wye).

Special thanks to Bob for the feedback and the request - I hope this helps.

Dual-Wielding Mooshimeters

Many of you have asked for the multi-mooshimeter experience, and that day is near.  We are working on putting together a two-meter demo to measure input and output power of a supply to calculate efficiency.  Three phase measurements are next on the multi-todo list.

Stretch Goal 3 is right around the corner - SEA cases @ $85K.  Spread the word and help us give you the best Mooshimeter possible.

- Mooshim Engineering

New stretch goal!

January 30, 2014

There are three weeks left in the Mooshimeter campaign, and things are looking great!  A huge thank you again for making this campaign a success!

We've blown past the 60k stretch goal, which means we’re adding support for arbitrary transfer functions to the app - perfect for interfacing with sensors.  We’re rounding quickly on 70k, which will allow us to make more accurate readings with lower temperature drift.  Look for a blog post soon for the updated specs.

We've tallied your feedback, and by far the most popular request has been for a carrying case to stash your meter and leads in.  We've done our leg work and are happy to announce a new stretch goal:

85K: A handsome EVA carrying case for your meter and leads.

We're still finalizing the color and dimensions, but it's a hard shell EVA case much like you would have for your glasses or digital camera. More on this as we finalize our quotes.  It should look something like the below.

We’re working on the multi-mooshimeter-experience. The technical capability is there, but we need to flesh out the details of the user experience - we don’t want to sacrifice simplicity for features.

We’ve also talked to our fellow Dragon Innovators at Relayr about their kit of internet-connected BLE sensor modules, the WunderBar.  Since the Mooshimeter also speaks BLE, the WunderBar is just a software library away from programmatic access to the Mooshimeter and all of its measurement capabilities.  The possibilities are just too delicious, we’ve decided to work together to make sure the WunderBar will support the Mooshimeter at release.

Thanks again, and keep spreading the word. We can’t do it without you!

~Mooshim Engineering


January 20, 2014

Thanks to your support, the Mooshimeter has hit its funding goal with more than a month left in the campaign!  Thank you!  Please help us spread the word on Twitter and Facebook.  We’ve been reading all your comments and suggestions and have put together a menu of stretch goals to choose from.

To kick the process off, we’re happy to announce our first two stretch goals:

$60k: The Mooshimeter can interface with any sensor that produces a current or voltage and has banana jacks or a BNC connector (with a standard adaptor). Right now our app reports shunts, clamps, thermistors and thermocouples in native units, and everything else in measured units. We’ll make it even easier to read new types of sensors without having to do the mental math yourself. Tell the app about your sensor, and it will report in native units - Celsius, PSI, m/s, etc - no programming required! This will support arbitrary transfer functions and automatic range selection.

$70k: We are improving the overall accuracy of the meter, with special attention to resistance measurement.  Wider range, tighter tolerances, lower temperature coefficients, ratiometricness, oh my!

Below are a few of the stretch goals still in play. What is your favorite?  Let us know at hello@moosh.im

- Many of you have asked for support for current clamps. The good news is that we have done so since day one. We will expand this capability by adding software support to automatically calibrate an external current shunt with a current clamp.  This is great for measuring currents above your clamp’s ratings, or for cheap calibrated deployment of many meters.

- Do you want to take your Mooshimeter with you everywhere you go?  We can ship carabiner lanyards so you can easily clip and go.  Great for mobile applications!  Would you rather have a bag to carry the meter and leads? Integrate a velcro tie-down?  Please let us know.

- Many electricians have asked about reading three-phase systems with the Mooshimeter. We currently have hardware and firmware support to make these measurements with three meters working in tandem.  We can add software support to coordinate these types of advanced measurements on your smartphone.

Thank you again. We’re really excited to have your backing and support, and we’re glad to be able to bring this multimeter update to life.  One of the best parts of this journey is hearing all of your stories / suggestions / comments / songs about Mooshimeter / rants / raves - so please keep in touch!

 - Mooshim Engineering

Thanks everyone!

January 10, 2014

By Tesla's Pigeon the last few days have been a whirlwind.  We are 77% of the way to our goal!  Your pre-orders got us here, but we need your help to drive this home.

We've gotten great questions and suggestions from you, and there are actually two new features we'll be announcing soon that started as an email to hello@moosh.im.  We want to use the combined wisdom of the 377 (and rising!) backers to set the course moving forward:

What do you want to see for stretch goals and add-ons?

Is there a particular demo you’d like to see?  If you have an idea for a demo that would help us reach a target audience, we’ll try to make it happen.

Tell us by posting a video response to our launch video or by emailing hello@moosh.im

And now, a preview of coming attractions:

 - More Demo Videos

 - Accuracy characterization and improvements

 - Compatibility with your favorite multimeter add-ons


 - Mooshim Engineering