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Scout HD Video Camera by Scout Security

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Scout HD Camera is a 1080p, WIFI-enabled, burglar-beating machine.

While other camera makers pile on gratuitous sensors, Scout is taking a stance. The Scout HD Camera is about security. We don't have a humidity sensor in our camera - because you didn't ask for it. It's got all the bells and whistles that you want in a security camera: Streaming 1080p video that you can live view from phone, tablet, or computer for free, from anywhere. DVR so you can store important events. Two-way audio so an intruder knows they’re not alone and night vision so you're never in the dark about what's going on at home. You can still stream as many videos of your cat, baby, or mouse trap as you want. But, the Scout Camera is focused on the most important thing of all - your family's security.

scout camera specifications

Other Cameras can Send Notifications, Scout can Send the Police

When you connect the Scout HD Camera to our monitoring, service that's when things get really powerful. Other cameras might capture video of an event, but if you aren't near your phone when it happens, what good does it do? With Scout, your cameras can be connected to 24/7 monitoring. If you're not available, we have agents that are. Not only can our agents verify an event, but they can also dispatch police. You don’t have to have monitoring to use Scout’s Camera, but it’s nice to know you can. It’s the difference between knowing something happened and doing something about it.

scout camera security monitoring

Stunning Video, Stunning Design

We’re putting an end to beige boxes in every corner of your home. With Scout’s camera, you not only get stunning 1080p video, you also get a stunning design. Our modern design complements the home you’ve worked so hard to decorate. Whether the camera is free-standing, or mounted on the wall, the Scout Camera does it’s part to secure your home – in style.

scout camera design

In an actual Burglary, Seconds Matter

Use the Scout Camera in combination with other Scout sensors – available at ScoutAlarm.com or on Amazon - and double down on your security. With window, door and motion sensors, you'll have more information than just a few frames of video, at a fraction of the cost of an all-camera setup. With our perimeter sensors, you can know the second an entry point is opened. You don’t have to wait 30-60 seconds for someone to walk in front of a strategically-placed camera. As an event unfolds, you'll get time-stamped activity logs, giving you more context to make decisions.

scout camera

Home Security, Simplified.

Buying home security and home automation devices can be a frustrating process. Relax, we've got you covered. The Scout experience has been curated to make security drop-dead simple from end-to-end. You don't have to know anything about the state-of-the-art technology that drives Scout, but you'll be happy it's there when you need it. Whether you're installing for the first time, adding components or integrating Scout with other smart home devices, it just works.

scout security products

Customizable, so that Scout Reacts like You Would

The worst part of a burglary is the helplessness that can ensue. While you can’t prevent an occurrence, we want Scout to react like you would, if you could. With customized responses, you can attempt to alter the course of an event by turning on lights or sounding the siren. You can share video with your trusted network and instantly let the family know to steer clear of the house or whether the coast is clear. With customizable notifications and 24/7 mobile access, Scout keeps you on-the-go, in control and interruption free.

scout camera security app


Arlo, the cat in the video, is very intelligent and potentially an outlier in the feline community. We cannot legally say that Scout is so easy a cat can use it. This is parody video.


The difference between knowing something happened and doing something about it.

The Scout HD Camera is about Security. Period. Use it as a standalone device or as part of a larger Scout Security System.  Scout’s camera is equipped with night vision and two-way audio.  Stream video to your phone, tablet or computer for free.  Save video for later with the Scout Cloud DVR.  Connect the camera to Scout’s 24/7 monitoring service for maximum protection.



Scout Security, Inc. Chicago, IL

About Us


Dan Roberts - Co-Founder and CEO

Dan lives at the intersection of design and business.  He leads the design team on all things Scout, but spends an equal amount of time knee-deep in Excel.  Being the only non-engineer on the Scout team for 14 months, Dan amuses himself by volunteering solutions to engineering problems and seeing how long he can improvise.


Dave Shapiro - Co-Founder and CTO

He leads hardware and software engineering, working with the team to ensure an awesome user experience. Dave is tirelessly looking at new technologies and how to leverage them in a unique way to bring an antiquated industry into the modern age. When he is not building things you can find him making Costco runs for new office chairs and fruit snacks.


Daniel Lindmark - Electrical Engineer

Adventure capitalist, serial engineer, empath, interested in how prime numbers relate to cicadas as well as fur texture, futurist, bringer of the digital ragnarok, burner, caregiver, cape wearer. Fond of painting watercolors on plywood alligator arm bands, crafter, works great with circuits, firmware, and software.


Daniel Enders - Software Development

Daniel is a software developer at Scout. He makes sure that the Scout software looks and functions as the designers spec’d it to. Daniel spends his evenings watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns with his hedgehog, Wanda Spykes.  


Noah Ney - Business Development and Sales

Hailing from Kansas City, by way of San Francisco, Noah has gained a wide range business development and sales strategy experience in the startup world. Noah was that kid who would rather disassemble his toys then actually play with them. Now he's helping Scout expand globally through sales and partnerships. 


Kurt Schurecht - Lead Embedded Software

Kurt is the lead embedded software engineer at Scout, writing all of the code that make our devices tick.  Whether it’s an LED flashing, or a siren piercing the office air, Kurt’s behind it. His code is small, fast and reliable.  He’s the guy you thank for not having to change your batteries every other month.  


Peter Maneykowski - Intern

Peter is studying Industrial Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Peter is interning for the summer at Scout, and exploring different aspects of engineering.


How many cameras do I need in my home?

The quantity of cameras depends on the size of the home and strategic placements within common areas. Within a home, we suggest not placing more than 4 due to in home internet bandwidth limitations.  Cameras work best in areas that are highly trafficked, or must be passed through to get to critical areas of the home. 

Can I have cameras in multiple locations?

Yes, you can absolutely have camera in multiple locations. Within each location, we suggest not placing more than 4 due to home internet bandwidth limitations.

If I buy a camera, does it replace the need for other sensors?

Each sensor provides its own set of benefits and use cases. The camera is a great addition to your home security arsenal. The camera gives you context and visual confirmation as to whether an actual event is occurring, adding an extra layer of protection.  Perimeter sensors and other devices have the benefit of letting you know immediately when an entry point has been opened, saving critical seconds. 

Can Scout’s camera be access from multiple phones?

Absolutely, you can login from any smartphone, tablet or computer and you can give anybody access by inviting them to join Scout.

Do you support geofencing?

Yes, you can set your location and choose to receive alerts only when you are outside the defined region.

What if I have pets? Should I be concerned about false alarms?

Pets can trigger a motion event, depending on the placement of a camera.  The benefit of video is that you can visually verify whether it was your pet that triggered a motion event or not.  If pets are a concern, you can place the camera at a height that does not “see” at your pet’s level.  You can also customize your Scout camera so that you only receive motion notifications at certain times of the day.  

Does the camera have local storage?

The Scout Camera has local storage for capturing video as soon as motion is detected and then begins uploading the data to the cloud. That way, footage is never lost. The camera will be able to store a limited amount of video while the camera is not connected to the in-home internet.  The Scout Camera does not feature removable local storage.

Does the camera pan, or tilt?

The camera does not move on it’s own.  The camera does allow the user physically tilt it for perfect placement.  Scout’s camera can fold backwards 90 degrees, allowing it to be freestanding or mounted on a wall. The camera has a wide angle lens that allows for wide viewing angle, from which you can zoom and look at different areas of the feed. 

Is the camera always on? How do I control my privacy?

The camera is continuously connected to the server. Video footage is only streamed to the cloud when motion is detected or when someone views the live stream though the mobile application or website.

Does the camera mount to a wall?

Yes, the Scout Camera can be mounted to the wall.  The base of the camera has two screw eyelets that allows you to mount Scout in the perfect location. 

What if someone smashes the camera?

If Scout’s Camera is completely disabled, you would receive a notification that the camera has gone offline.  You would also be able to view any footage leading up to the event.  If you use the camera in combination of Scout’s other wireless sensors, you would have the added benefit of knowing that someone entered the home, prior to them finding the camera.  

What are the fees / service plan details?

Scout has two cloud recording plans starting at $9.99 for 7 days of saved video and $29.99 for 30 days of saved video.

How does verified monitoring work?

Verified events is a new initiative in the home security industry. Scout has the ability to verify video events on your behalf, when you are not around, if you choose. If the video event shows an intruder in the home, our monitoring center will contact authorities immediately and, because there is video evidence of a crime in progress, your Scout alarm will prioritized over other security alarms that are unverified.

What are the shipping costs?

The Scout Camera will ship for free to pre-order backers.  We have no domestic shipping charge at this time.  

When will this product ship?

Scout Camera, if funded, will ship before the end of 2014.  Depending on which device wins the crowdfunding competition, that device will be made first.  If the Camera wins the competition,  if would ship before the other devices, but all devices will ship by the end of 2014. 

What happens when the power or internet goes out?

If the power or internet go out, you would be notified that the device has gone offline.  You would be able to view any footage leading up to the outage and, in the event of an internet outage, the camera would continue to store video locally until an internet connection is re-established. If you’re using the Camera in combination with a Scout Hub with cellular backup, your other perimeter sensors would still be able to get communications out to you about what’s happening at home. 

Will it work with “X” operating system?

Scout’s camera can be accessed from any internet-connected phone, tablet or computer.  We’ll have native applications for iOS and Android devices.

What are the Terms & Conditions for this project?

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