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Scout Takeover System by Scout Security

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Bridge Your Wired Past and Your Wireless Future

Scout’s Takeover system can take over your existing wired security system in one simple step and works on 90% of systems on the market. Control your system remotely on your smart devices, with Scout’s cutting-edge software.

With the takeover system, you have the added benefit of being able to expand your wired system to include the amazing wireless technologies coming onto the market - courtesy of Takeover’s wireless mesh radio. Incorporate wireless sensors from Scout, or add in one of the many integrations we offer.

scout takeover specifications

Say Goodbye to the Quadruple Play Pack

It’s just a matter of time before Big Telco comes calling with their Quadruple Play pack. It’s time to put a stop to the $50-a-month madness. You don’t need the first phone line they sold you and these are the same guys that are lucky to get your bill right once every 3 months. Will they respond to an alarm? Sure – next Thursday between 7 am and 9 pm. With Scout, you can cut through the noise. Scout’s contracts are month-to-month and cheaper monthly. We don’t withhold our app, or nickel-and-dime you with service fees.

scout takeover

The 80’s Called, They Want Their Phone Line Back

Your security shouldn’t be dependent on a decades-old technology that can be cut with a pair of scissors. Scout’s Takeover has a built-in backup battery and 3G cellular chip, so you never have to worry about the power going down, or your phone line being cut. We keep you connected 24/7 over cellular networks and our backup battery will keep your system live for up to 24 hours.

scout takeover technical specifications

Instant Installation

With Scout's takeover system, all you need to do is plug our sleek device into your fossil of a system. Simply unplug your current system from your phone line and plug it into Scout. It works with over 90% of the systems on the market today, thanks to a protocol called Contact ID. The Takeover intercepts the signals and sends them to you, or the monitoring center if you’d like, over cellular networks.

scout takeover set up instructions

Smart Software, Simple Pricing

Scout lets you monitor your system remotely, create custom responses to an alarm and manage permissions on the fly. We do this all for one flat fee, because $50 a month for an app is crazy. It's all the benefits of Scout, without having to change out any equipment.

scout takeover app

Security Only Works if it Works for You

With the vast majority of alarms today being false alarms, it’s no wonder that people don’t arm their systems. Multi-thousand dollar installations turn into $50-a-month door chimes when things go wrong. Fixing the problem is even worse. You have to wait weeks for an appointment with an installer. Scout is returning control back to you with the Takeover. We simplify security and readily share information about our devices. No installers, no gatekeepers, nothing between you and your family’s security.

scout takeover

Put Traditional Security on Notice; Scout’s Taking Over

If you've got an inactive system in your house, the Takeover is a no-brainer. If you're under contract with Caveman or the cable guys, it's time to send that break-up letter. Put them on notice: Scout's taking over.


Takes over your existing wired security system, puts you back in control of your home

If your wired security system is standing between you and a smart home, we’ve got the solution. Scout’s Takeover system can take over your wired security system in one simple step. Once installed, you can control your system remotely on your smart devices, with Scout’s cutting-edge software. Integrate wireless sensors into your wired system and eliminate your long-term contract. Scout’s contracts are month-to month and over 50% cheaper than the traditional players. Scout Takeover is compatible with over 90% of the wired systems on the market today.  



Scout Security, Inc. Chicago, IL

About Us


Dan Roberts - Co-Founder and CEO

Dan lives at the intersection of design and business. He leads the design team on all things Scout, but spends an equal amount of time knee-deep in Excel. Being the only non-engineer on the Scout team for 14 months, Dan amuses himself by volunteering solutions to engineering problems and seeing how long he can improvise.


Dave Shapiro - Co-Founder and CTO

He leads hardware and software engineering, working with the team to ensure an awesome user experience. Dave is tirelessly looking at new technologies and how to leverage them in a unique way to bring an antiquated industry into the modern age. When he is not building things you can find him making Costco runs for new office chairs and fruit snacks.


Daniel Lindmark - Electrical Engineer

Adventure capitalist, serial engineer, empath, interested in how prime numbers relate to cicadas as well as fur texture, futurist, bringer of the digital ragnarok, burner, caregiver, cape wearer. Fond of painting watercolors on plywood alligator arm bands, crafter, works great with circuits, firmware, and software.


Daniel Enders - Software Development

Daniel is a software developer at Scout. He makes sure that the Scout software looks and functions as the designers spec’d it to. Daniel spends his evenings watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns with his hedgehog, Wanda Spykes.  


Noah Ney - Business Development and Sales

Hailing from Kansas City, by way of San Francisco, Noah has gained a wide range business development and sales strategy experience in the startup world. Noah was that kid who would rather disassemble his toys then actually play with them. Now he's helping Scout expand globally through sales and partnerships. 


Kurt Schurecht - Lead Embedded Software

Kurt is the lead embedded software engineer at Scout, writing all of the code that make our devices tick.  Whether it’s an LED flashing, or a siren piercing the office air, Kurt’s behind it. His code is small, fast and reliable.  He’s the guy you thank for not having to change your batteries every other month.  


Peter Maneykowski - Intern

Peter is studying Industrial Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Peter is interning for the summer at Scout, and exploring different aspects of engineering.


Will Scout Takeover work with my wired system?

The Scout Takeover device will work with any wired security system using the Contact ID protocol.  Contact ID is used in over 90% of systems on the market today.  So, it is highly likely.  However, before purchasing Scout Takeover, please verify that your system does utilize Contact ID.  We’ve included a partial list of popular systems in the main description. But, the space provided is way too small for an exhaustive list. 

Is the Takeover system easy to install?

Absolutely!  It can’t get much simpler.  First, simply unplug your current system from the phone line and plug it into the phone jack on the back of the Scout Takeover.  Second, plug the Scout power supply into the wall.  That’s it!  We take it from there. 

Can I add wireless sensors?

The Scout Takeover can easily be expanded to include wireless sensors.  We have designed the system to include a wireless mesh radio.  Any Scout wireless device can be added into the system easy through the Scout app on your phone, tablet or computer.   Third party devices can be added in some cases.  It depends on the protocol the device is using and whether the device maker has an API that Scout can connect to.

How does it work?

Scout Takeover works with any system utilizing Contact ID.  Contact ID work by sending messages as a series of tones through your phone line.  By plugging your system into Scout, we intercept those tones and interpret them, much like a monitoring center would.  We, then, send the interpreted message to you, or our monitoring center, based on your preferences.  

How much does it cost? Do I need a contract?

The Scout Takeover is cheaper monthly than traditional providers and our contracts are month-to-month.  No more long-term contracts!  

How is Scout Takeover different from Scout’s wireless security system?

The Scout Takeover system features almost all of the same features as Scout’s wireless system.  The only difference is that we’re limited by the setup of traditional wired systems. Whatever the system allows us to control, we will control.  However, if your current system does not allow certain functions, Scout can only support what they allow.  For instance, if your current system is setup in “zones,” Scout would display those sensors in zones.  We can’t make a “zone-based” system exactly like Scout’s wireless system, which allows for device-specific referencing.  (e.g., Front Door, NW Family Room Window)

Where do I place the Scout Takeover?

The Scout Takeover is positioned right beside your current home security control box.  It needs to be close to the original control box to switch out the phone line.  We’ve attached a powerful external antenna that will allow Scout’s communications get out to the cellular towers from there.

Can I control everything from my phone?

That’s the point!  You can control anything that you can currently control on your wired system from your phone, tablet or computer.

How much does it cost? Do I need a contract?

Professional monitoring is on a month-to-month basis, no annual contracts. The professional monitoring service costs $24.99 per month.

What are the shipping costs?

The Scout Takeover will ship for free to pre-order backers.  We have no domestic shipping charge at this time.  

When will this product ship?

Scout Takeover, if funded, will ship before the end of 2014.  Depending on which device wins the crowdfunding competition, that device will be made first.  If the Takeover wins the competition,  if would ship before the other devices, but all devices will ship by the end of 2014. 

What happens when the power or internet goes out?

Scout’s Takeover communications are done completely over the cellular network.  So, your Takeover device is not dependent on the in-house internet.  If the power goes out, Scout’s Takeover is equipped with a backup battery that will keep your system live for 24 hours.  

Will it work with “X” operating system?

Scout’s Takeover can be accessed from any internet-connected phone, tablet or computer.  We’ll have native applications for iOS and Android devices.

What are compatible Alarm Systems?

Manufacturer: Ademco (Honeywell)

  Compatible Models: Vista series (except Vista XT), Lynx series, 4110DL, 4110XM, 4140XMP

Manufacturer: ADT

  Compatible Models: Safewatch Pro Series

Manufacturer: DSC

  Compatible models: PC580, PC1555, PC1555MX, PC1575, PC1616, PC1832, PC4010, PC5010, PC5020, ENVOY

Manufacturer: ELK

  Compatible Models: M1 Gold

Manufacturer: FBI (Fire Burglary Instruments)

  Compatible Models: XL2T, XL4, XL31

Manufacturer: HAI (Home Automation, Inc.)

  Compatible Models: Omni Pro II, Omni LT

Manufacturer: GE (Caddx)

  Compatible Models: Networx series (model number begins with NX), Ranger 9000, Ranger 9000e

Manufacturer: GE (ITI)

  Compatible Models: Simon 2, Simon XTi, Simon XT, Concord, Concord Express, Concord Ultra

Manufacturer: LaserShield

  Compatible Models: LaserShield Instant Security System

Manufacturer: NAPCO

  Compatible Models: Gemini Series

Manufacturer: Radionics

  Compatible Models: None

Manufacturer: Visonic

  Compatible Models: PowerMax, PowerMax +

Manufacturer: Abbra by NextAlarm.com

  Compatible Models: Abbra Professional Series

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