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We help companies who are launching complex products to strategize and execute their manufacturing from prototype through ongoing production.

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Working with Dragon makes the complex hardware development and manufacturing process simpler and more straightforward. Dragon's talented and experienced team have added incredible value to our projects. Having them as a member of your team is like having an insurance policy helping to guarantee manufacturing success for your hardware products.

David Seal
Lead Product Manager, Shopify

As a team of first time founders, the only thing we knew going in was that 'hardware is hard', so we relied on the Dragon team to help us with our quality plan, prepare for our first site visit, and oversee critical initial production runs. Their quality plan helped our team institutionalize quality as a fundamental metric of manufacturing and understand how to measure and manage to our specifications. We would recommend Dragon to any team that wants an expert partner to navigate the manufacturing process.

Sam Shames
Founder, Embr Labs

As part of the process of evaluating and identifying the proper PCBA vendor, SharkNinja used the Dragon RFQ software to help navigate and mine the data collected during the process which allowed us to address very quickly SN’s team concerns. Not only that, it allowed the team involved in the project to compile the information rapidly and present to the Executive team promptly and accurately.

Allan Neville
Director of EE, SharkNinja

Our Approach

Manufacturing products at scale is complex. As your manufacturing partner with decades of experience building thousands of products, we simplify the process to help you successfully deliver high quality products to your customers on time and at budget.

Vetted Factory Database

Choosing your factory partner is one of the biggest manufacturing decisions you’ll make. By clearly understanding your product requirements (COGS, volumes, geography preferences, etc) and using our global factory database, we can help match you with a vetted, qualified manufacturing partner.

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Knowledge Center

From looks-like, works-like, tests-like prototypes, all the way up to certifications during ongoing production, we’ve got you covered. Use our extensive knowledge center to learn from our experts and get on the path to production.

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