You’re either nervous because you have no idea how to manufacture, or terrified because you know how hard it is.

We’ve got you covered.

Product Planner

Product Planner in Beta

Product Planner helps you organize and collaborate on your product data plus get meaningful manufacturing insights. More powerful than spreadsheets, and less complex than enterprise systems, we help you get the most from your Bill Of Materials.

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Eric Migicovsky


“Dragon helped us take our crowdfunding success and translate it into shipping more than 100,000 Pebbles in just over a year. They provided critical support on-the-ground in China and sourced excellent suppliers.”

Bre Pettis


“During the final stages of product design, we have the Dragon team come in to assess manufacturability and assembly. Dragon Innovation can act as a trailguide to help navigate the decisions and drama of producing hardware.”

Jonathan Frankel


“We’ve been working with Dragon from the moment we had a functional prototype and wanted to begin the manufacturing process. They have been fantastic and it is hard to imagine how we would have managed the process without them.”
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