Dragon Innovation

We make managing your
supply chain feel easy

From our easy to use software tools for early stage planning to our Manufacturing Solutions as you move into production, we can help every step of the way as you bring your product to life at Entrepreneur Speed™.

Whatever phase you are in we can help

Proof of Concept

You’re validating assumptions and rapidly iterating with off-the-shelf parts. Now is the time to understand the manufacturing impact of design decisions and get clarity on the next steps forward.

Final Prototypes

With a working prototype and a stable Bill Of Materials (BOM) it’s time to sharpen your estimates and start to craft your manufacturing plans.

Factory Selection

Understanding where to build and finding the right partner to manufacture your product is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make. Don’t go it alone.

New Product Introduction

Once your factory has been selected, it’s time to bring your product to life at scale. Establishing supply chain, setting up production lines, quality planning, and much, much more all need to come together here.

Ongoing Production

Now that you’re in production we can provide oversight, process improvement and optimization during steady state production.


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