The Hug

by Caktus

The Hug

Our 6 Factor Review

  • Mechanical Tear Down We disassembled, inspected, and analyzed the structure and assembly for function, cost, quality, and reliability.
  • DFM Analysis We performed a Design For Manufacture and Assembly analysis in which we inspected and analyzed the product design to ensure that the product can be manufactured reliably and at low cost.
  • BOM Review We examined the Bill Of Materials, an itemized list of all the product components, for completeness and cost efficiency.
  • Packaging Considerations We determined suitability and cost of chosen packaging design and made recommendations to optimize it.
  • Estimated Domestic and Far East Manufacturing Costs We developed cost estimates for domestic and Far East factory options.
  • Pro-forma Manufacturing Schedule We produced a preliminary manufacturing schedule based on our review to help provide a realistic estimated ship date.

More about The Hug

The Hug by Caktus will inspire your to change your hydration habits. The Hug is a revolutionary solution that helps you stay properly hydrated, with a sensor band and a mobile app. Just slip the sensor around your water bottle and let The Hug app do the rest.