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Whether you’re in the design phase or mass production, Dragon Innovation offers a solution for every stage of the New Product Introduction (NPI) and manufacturing journey.

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Each of our manufacturing solutions are customized engagements that take into consideration the complexity or challenges of your product and business. Whether you need a one-on-one engagement for a quick gut check on your path to manufacturing, or full time support as a manufacturing partner and extension of your team, we’ve got you covered.


Which Manufacturing Phase are you in?


You’re creating the idea for the product or service. Developing the breadboard and prototype key aspects of the product to vet for feasibility.


Proof of Concept

You are defining the product features, technical specification and the market fit. Building the first prototype of the product with very rough architecture.


Final Prototype

After your refinement of the initial prototype through multiple iterations, your fully integrated working prototype within the final industrial design (looks like / works like) should be finalized and complete.


Design for Manufacturing

Ideally you’re integrating Design for Manufacturing (and Assembly) early on during this process. Final details and quality plans should be implemented to ensure the product can be produced and assembled at scale.


Factory Selection

You have your complete design package (BOM/CAD) ready and initial volumes are set. Finding the appropriate contract manufacturing partner to produce your product based on your needs and their capabilities/expertise.


Ongoing Production

Your product is in production currently, or has been in production previously through small batch runs. Optimization may occur or an audit of existing processes so you can continue to scale.


During the final stages of product design, we had the Dragon team come in to assess manufacturability and assembly. Dragon Innovation can act as a trail guide to help navigate the decisions and drama of producing hardware.

Bre Pettis | CEO, MakerBot

Bre Pettis

Dragon made our factory selection process much less overwhelming and gave us confidence that we found the right manufacturing partner. It’s hard to imagine finding the right factory without Dragon guiding us through the process.

Joe Pinkerton | CEO, Clean Energy Labs

Joe Pinkerton

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