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$190,086 raised of $145,000 goal

0 days left

Campaign Ended

131% FUNDED! We reached our goal on October 23rd, 2013.

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Update: Final Day

Together we made it!

We want to thank each one of you who have worked alongside us to get us to this point. As they say in Africa: It takes a village. It sure did. You know who you are.

Thank you.

Hammerhead is officially a reality. We could not be more excited!

Let's capitalize on this unbelievable momentum:

We will put a barometric altimeter on every single Hammerhead - but it will take $190,000. Spread the word. Lets do it together! We are in range!


Piet, Laurence and Raveen

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hammerhead navigation

Saying more with less

All the information you need in a clear and distilled manner. Hammerhead shows you everything you need to navigate while not distracting you with text, small graphics or the need for headphones. We developed cues and signals; much like those used by racecar drivers or fighter pilots. It works well in all light and weather conditions. You can even customize the light array within our app to suit your preferences.


Pull out our app. Discover a great ride based on your preferences: hills, distance, scenery or difficulty. Hammerhead will guide you through the route seamlessly with safe, simple, and intuitive turn-by-turn instructions.


Know an awesome ride? Or the best way to get through a city? Share this knowledge instantly with friends and the community. Our app makes it dead simple to send routes to others. Instead of just talking about it, share that ride that you know so well and get rewarded in the app for your contributions.

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Strava, MapMyRide - in real time

We are big fans of Strava, MapMyRide and some of the other biking apps out there. We believe you should experience them in real time. Hammerhead gives you turn-by-turn navigation from the routes and segments that you want to ride from your favorite app. 

Compete live

We believe that competing in real time beats waiting to see how you did when you get home. Hammerhead will show you your start, end and goal speed for each moment in a segment, and how far off it you might be. Don’t compete blind. Make your efforts count.

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Catch friends

Hammerhead guides you to meet up with riding buddies that are out on the roads. Join group rides without having to coordinate meeting times and locations.

Off road

Hammerhead is also at home on the trail. Its internal compass and unique red dot pursuit will guide you through the wilderness. Navigate anywhere from trails to the open desert. All with the same safe and simple turn-by-turn light instructions that you’ve grown to love on the roads.

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Long battery life

Our app is ultra efficient, and your smartphone screen remains off. Your smartphone will run for over 5 hours while working with Hammerhead. As for the device itself,we built in the latest LiPo technology to ensure the Hammerhead will last for over 20 hours before recharging via micro USB.

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Highest accuracy location

Because Hammerhead uses your smartphone’s GPS system, you get a more accurate GPS reading than you would with most standalone GPS units. Don't stand around waiting to acquire satellites -- go ride. Our app pre-loads route information. Venture into the unknown without needing cell service to navigate.

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Bike share

The new bike share systems arising nationwide are awesome. We have designed Hammerhead to be able to snap right onto them and guide you around through the urban maze. Hammerhead will even show you how much time you have left on the bike as well as take you to the nearest available docking station with ease. Make urban bike share a complete solution.

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We are close

The Hammerhead is more than a year deep in development and testing. It is a truly unique product - there is simply nothing like it. It solves a really big problem – safer, more efficient bicycle navigation – while being really affordable. We need your support to enable us to scale Hammerhead and get it to you. We have partnered with the best minds in manufacturing and software to get you this revolutionary product for the spring riding season.

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Join us

We ask you to do two things:

  • Share this page with your friends who bike. They will thank you for putting them at the cutting edge.
  • Back it and become one of the first to have social bike navigation.

Together we will unlock the safe, awesome biking routes that are hiding in plain sight.

hammerhead navigation prototypes

Thank you!

Piet, Laurence & Raveen

hammerhead.io // facebook.com/hammerheadnavigation

hammerhead navigation team


Bike Navigation. That just works.

Thanks for supporting Hammerhead! The campaign has ended, but we are accepting pre-orders at our website: hammerhead.io

Hammerhead is a smart tool that guides you to the safest and most enjoyable bike routes. Get the information that you need through the corner of your eye, and keep your eyes safely on the road. It simply works. Discover the world around you on the bike. Create great routes and share them with the community. Compete in real time. Enjoy the ride.



Hammerhead Navigation New York City, NY

About Us


Piet Morgan - Chief & Founder

Piet’s passion for biking started during his childhood in South Africa where he cycled with his friend and classmate Chris Froome, 2013 winner of the Tour de France. The challenge of navigating on a bike became fully apparent to Piet when he biked across the United States.  Frustrated by the unnecessary dangers that he and his partners encountered, he dedicated himself to creating the solution.  Piet graduated from Yale, where he was a cyclist and a member of the varsity rowing team.  


Laurence Wattrus - Co-Founder & Head of hardware

Laurence is responsible for all things hardware at Hammerhead. A passionate mountain biker and engineer, Laurence studied electromechanical engineering at the University of Cape Town while competing on their cycling team. Laurence is an expert navigator, having explored much of the Southern Tip of Africa on a bicycle. Laurence completed his master’s degree at Brown University in 2013.


Raveen Beemsingh - Co-Founder & Head of software

Raveen is responsible for all things Software at Hammerhead. Raveen completed his undergraduate degree in engineering from the premier engineering institute in India. He spent the following decade as a full stack developer in Europe and the USA. Raveen recently completed his MBA at Lehigh while aggressively hacking on the side. Ever the software magician, Raveen won the HackPrinceton hackathon in 2013. Raveen is a seasoned hiker, and has traversed some of the most perilous glaciers in Europe.


Why should I not just mount my phone on my bike?
Good question. Several good reasons Smartphones aren’t designed to be mounted on a bike. They are expensive, delicate, and their screen will kill their battery extremely quickly. Bike phone mounting hardware is expensive. Trying to operate a smartphone while biking is dangerous.
What battery life can I get from my smartphone using Hammerhead?
Our app is super energy efficient, and our system allows you to leave your smartphone locked and safely stowed away during use. We project that you will be able to get about 6 hours of use on your smartphone.
Can I use Hammerhead on a motorcycle?
Yes. While our app is optimized for biking, with enough interest we will add a motorcycle specific app and motorcycle-mounting bracket that will bring the intuitive and efficient Hammerhead to the world of motorcycling. Email us if you are interested in this and we will make motorcycle development a priority! team@hammerhead.io.
Does Hammerhead work with Android?
Yes, Hammerhead is iOs and Android compatible.
What map data do you use?
We have used a combination of offline map data, the open source mapping community as well as data from some of the biggest mapping companies. When put together, it is the best bike route data available. To this we add crowd sourced insight, which allows us to really present some awesome routes.
Can I mount Hammerhead someplace else on the bike?
Yes! Hammerhead mounts well on the stem as well as in front of the stem. We designed it to be used in conjunction with other electronic devices that might be mounted in front of the stem.
What bikeshare networks are covered by the bike share bike mount?
All Bixi and B-cycle bikes are compatible with our bike share bike mount.

This includes: CitiBike, Capital Bikeshare, Hubway, Divvy, Bay Area Bike Share, Bike Chattanooga, Bixi Toronto, Barclays Cycle Hire, Melbourne Bike Share, Bixi Montreal as well as many others.

For more information, look up the maker of your local bike share bike.

What are the Terms & Conditions for this project?

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